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Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns

Sampler of a few Zentangle®-original Tangles

Sampler of a few Zentangle-original Tangles. Image © Linda Farmer and TanglePatterns.com. All rights reserved.

For those who are new to Zentangle®, the Zentangle-original tangles (also known as the “official tangles”) are those created and introduced by Zentangle HQ — that is to say patterns by Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and Maria’s daughters Molly Hollibaugh “(pronounced: haul’-a’-baw’)” and Martha Huggins.

Not all of the tangles deconstructed and introduced by Zentangle® HQ are posted online yet.

This makes complete sense when you think about it because income from teaching about Zentangle is one aspect of their business. Learning about the original “102 Tangles” (now up to 165) and receiving instructions on how to tangle and teach them is part of the teacher certification seminar. (See this page for more about teaching Zentangle.)

The Zentangle-original tangles that aren’t posted online are reserved for Certified Zentangle Teachers® and are unlikely to be published in a book or online because CZTs are specifically asked not to publish tangles that have not been publicly released first by Rick and Maria in their newsletter. CZTs thus have additional patterns to teach in their workshops that are not available otherwise. And that’s just one very good reason for you to find a local CZT® and take a class.

However, every Zentangle-original tangle that does have authorized online drawing instructions is posted here on TanglePatterns and is linked in my list below.

Being the organizer/list-maker that I am, and a good part of the reason TanglePatterns was born in May 2010, I was curious to know about the rest of the original tangles. By delving through the Zentangle books and other sources, I gathered the following list of “Zentangle-original” tangles.

Originally there were 102 tangles, however new tangles have been named over time and these are included here. This list is updated as new Zentangle-original tangles are added.

And as Maria says, “A pattern is not always a tangle” so check this page to see what qualifies as a tangle for Zentangle.

You are more than welcome to link to this or any other page, but please do not republish my content on another website: it is copyright protected. A great deal of time, energy, and effort goes into creating everything on this site so I’d really appreciate it if my copyrights under law are respected. Thanks!

  1. Ahh
  2. Amaze (= Stiritup)
  3. Ambler
  4. Aquafleur (10/2013)
  5. Arukas (10/2014)
  6. Assunta
  7. Auraknot
  8. Avreal
  9. Bales
  10. BB
  11. Beelight
  12. BeeLine
  13. Betweed
  14. Braze
  15. Bronx Cheer
  16. Bucky
  17. Bumper
  18. Bunzo
  19. Cadent
  20. Centipede
  21. Chainging
  22. Chartz
  23. Chillon
  24. Cirquital
  25. Cogwheel
  26. Courant
  27. Crescent Moon
  28. Cubine
  29. Cyme
  30. Dewd (11/11/2017)
  31. Dex
  32. Diva Dance
  33. Drawings (zenAgain – 11/2016)
  34. Dribbetz
  35. Drupe
  36. Dyon
  37. Echoism
  38. Eke
  39. Ellish (04/2016)
  40. Emingle
  41. Ennies
  42. Enyshou
  43. Evoke
  44. Eye-Wa
  45. Façade
  46. Fengle
  47. Fescu
  48. Festune
  49. Fife
  50. Finery
  51. Floo
  52. Florz
  53. Flukes
  54. Flux
  55. Fracas
  56. Frondous
  57. Glacé (11/2013)
  58. Gneiss
  59. Gourdgeous (10/2015)
  60. Gust
  61. Hazen
  62. Hibred
  63. Hollibaugh
  64. Huggins (including Crazy Huggins)
  65. Hurry
  66. Ibex
  67. Icanthis (zenAgain – 11/2016)
  68. Impossible (KTT 05 in Mosaic – 05/26/2017)
  69. Indy-Rella
  70. ING (06/2014)
  71. Isochor
  72. IX
  73. Ixorus
  74. Jetties
  75. Jonqal
  76. Juke
  77. Kathy’s Dilemma
  78. Keeko
  79. Knase
  80. Knightsbridge
  81. Kule
  82. Locar
  83. Man-o-Man
  84. Marasu
  85. Meer
  86. Molygon (01/2016)
  87. Mooka
  88. Msst
  89. Munchin
  90. Mysteria
  91. Nekton
  92. Nipa
  93. Noom (zenAgain – 11/14/2016)
  94. ‘Nzeppel (including Crazy ‘Nzeppel)
  95. Onamato
  96. OoF
  97. Opus
  98. Orlique
  99. Paradox
  100. Patena
  101. Pea-nuckle
  102. Pendrills
  103. Pepper
  104. Pinch
  105. Pokeleaf
  106. Pokeroot
  107. Printemps
  108. Punzel
  109. Purk
  110. Quabog
  111. Quandary
  112. Quib (06/2013)
  113. Quipple
  114. Raddox
  115. Rain
  116. Ratoon (zenAgain – 11/2018)
  117. Ravel (appears in Zentangle PRIMER Vol 1, no steps)
  118. Rixty (03/2014)
  119. Rumpus (12/2017)
  120. Sampson
  121. Scarabou
  122. Scena
  123. Schway
  124. Scoodle
  125. Sedgling
  126. SeZ
  127. Shattuck
  128. Snail
  129. Spoken (“unspoken”, 04/2017)
  130. Springkle
  131. Squid
  132. Squill
  133. Static
  134. Stiritup – also called Amaze
  135. Stoic
  136. Striping
  137. Strircles
  138. Swarm
  139. Tagh
  140. Therefore (01/12/2018 – in the Mosaic app, like the Math “therefore” symbol: three background dots as shown in my Ahh example)
  141. Tidal
  142. Tidings
  143. Tipple
  144. Toodles (12/2017)
  145. Tortuca
  146. Tripoli
  147. Twing
  148. Umble
  149. Vega
  150. Verdigogh
  151. Vermal
  152. Vitruvius
  153. W2
  154. Wadical
  155. Warble
  156. Waybop (zenAgain – 11/2016)
  157. Well (09/2013)
  158. Xircus
  159. XYP
  160. Y-Not
  161. Yincut
  162. Ynix
  163. Zander
  164. Zenith (04/2015)
  165. Zinger

A reminder …

As Sandy Bartholomew reminds us in AlphaTangle: A Truly Tangled Alphabet:

TIP: Zentangle is … not a verb.

Don’t say “I Zentangled my bathroom floor.” (Or, “I’m Zentangling my bathroom floor.”)

Say “I tangled my bathroom floor.”

Other things to say:

“I need to create a Zentangle, right now!”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was busy tangling.”

Copyright Issues You Should Know

With so many new people joining the ranks of the Zentangle Zealots, the inevitable enthusiasm is beginning to raise questions about the fair use of tangle patterns in art for sale, as well as create some outright copyright infringement issues for example when people publish steps for patterns that are not their own without first obtaining permission of the copyright holder. It’s time to address this important topic so we’re all on the same page. Please read this page. There’s also a discussion here on TanglePatterns. See also: Guidelines for creating Zentangle-inspired Art and Products.

112 comments to Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns

  • LindaBe

    Thanks for all the organizing you do. I am new to Zentangle and I found this site great for inspiration. Thanks again.

  • This is great, Linda 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Linda, I just spent over an hour surfing your site and have to tell you that you have done an incredible job!!! It is so well organized and really a wealth of information on everythiing related to Zentangle. Now that I have started teaching, I will be referring all of students to your wonderful site! Thanks for all the work you do here!

  • Well done Linda, I have often wondered about the whole extent of the names, thanks so much!

  • Thank you so much for your amazing job putting all these wonderful patterns in a system!

  • gwest1955

    Thank you once again Linda. You are my hero!!! Have you thought about designing (or having a contest for) a logo that we all could use on our websites when including a link to one of your wonderful pages?

  • Linda Farmer

    Thanks for all the great compliments, folks. Most appreciated.

    Sandra Strait already caught a blooper – I left out CADENT, even though I have in my sampler. Sheesh. Thanks Sandra!! Now sorted.

    CZTs – any additions/clarifications to offer?

    And thanks for that lovely suggestion gwest1955 – frankly I hadn’t thought of it and it’s a capital idea. Which I shall think on while I have coffee… I had a very late night watching a(nother) Harry Potter marathon with my husband so slow getting going today.

  • Les

    Dear Linda, you are a corker gal !! 🙂 Thank you very much for this list. It’s always nice to know who does what these days, and that due credit is given, which you ALWAYS do on your site. Marvellous. This will keep me busy, sorting it out.
    Kind regards,

  • Linda Farmer

    Update: just added TAGH to the list.

  • rails5472

    Hi Linda, just wanted to say how i really love your site, i am new to the Zentangle world and i recieved a kit for Christmas. Now with your list i will definitely be busy(:

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi and welcome! You are fortunate to get a gift of the Zentangle kit because you have the best tools to get started. Don’t forget about the books too (visit the Book Reviews tab at the top of the page), they’re also full of inspiration. And yes, you will be busy! Happy tangling.

  • This list is wonderful. It would also be nice if some time/day the tangles that do not have instructions could be linked to examples. There are some of these that I have never seen.

  • jean

    I am new to Zentangles and was looking at your list. What a huge undertaking – but exteremly helpful, especially for those of us who are newbies.

    I have one question, though. Why are some of the items in the list written in magenta?

  • Mimi Lempart

    Hi Linda~ am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) from class #1 and the Master Class. I can see your pattern list as a great resource for CZTs who want to focus on teaching unpublished patterns in their classes. Just a note: Perfs isn’t a pattern per se, but a “Tanglenhancer” as taught by Rick and Maria. Other tanglenhancers are: aura, sparkle, shading, rounding and dewdrop which folks can learn from a CZT. Many thanks for your organizing efforts and for promoting Zentangle, especially your mention of finding a local CZT and taking a class. It’s the best way I know to learn more depth and versatility of pattern creation.

  • Brilliant list, Linda. (A teaser – I can’t wait ’til October when I’ll get to see the ‘unlinked’ ones!) A member of our Tuesday Tangler group turned up last week with a beautiful hand made, concertina book, with prints of all your sample squares inside it (about 1.5″ square) from Tanglepatterns – to carry around as a reference. It was awesome. We’re all delving into your site for more.

  • Meda Rogers

    I love zentangling. It is addictive. I love geometric designs. Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts do a fantastic job. Thanks Meda

  • Hi Linda, I can’t get the print friendly version of this page to work? Anyone else?? (I’ve tried with two different PCs – one running Windows XP, one running Windows 7). On all your other pages it works a treat. 🙂

  • Hi Linda.
    How well organised you are. I have been going trough your list and found Gust in Sandy B’s book Totally tangled. She puts het initials behind it as being her pattern??
    And where did you find Centepede, Cogwheel, Dribbetz, Kule, Scoodle, Stoic, Tidal, Wadical and Xircus?

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Maria, thanks for your compliment. All but one of these patterns are in the Beginning Zentangle booklet and Legend that come with the official kit, including their Gust. And as you point out Sandy also has her own but different pattern of the same name. Stoic was named in one of the Zentangle newsletters.

  • Thanks Linda,
    I looked everywhere but not in my kit.

  • Joyce Block

    Thank you so much for the work you do, Linda. This is so helpful to me and to our students.

  • Ruthie

    Oh Wow – have just discovered zentangles. Your is THE best website I have found this morning…errr today, just seen its 2pm!

    I have already put quite a few of them in my notebook and made my first tile.

    Thanks so much for such an informative and inspirational website – all I need in one place!


  • Joyce Casey

    I am new to tangling. Just took my first class and my head is exploding with creative ideas. I love your site. It is a one stop resource for all. Thank you for the list for beginners. There are so many patterns to choose from. It helps to have a starting point. How much time to you spend each day just keeping up with your site? I applaud all your efforts and I’ll be back!

    • Linda Farmer

      Welcome Joyce, thanks so much! I like hearing that TanglePatterns is “a one stop resource for all”!

      I have to admit it takes a LOT of time. A lot (just ask my husband). Not only keeping track of all the patterns and maintaining the site, but handling all the email correspondence and everything else involved. But comments of appreciation and support from people like you make it all SO worthwhile. Happy tangling!

  • Deb

    i have all the zentangle books i could get my hands on . . . (plus i tangle with this website in front of me). i just wish you could purchases a little reference book with all the patterns in it so i could throw it in my bag with a few tiles and pen when i am on the go . . . something like the idea of putting each tangle in the moleskin book (which i tried) but i am discouraged because i’d rather be tangling than working on my reference book.

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Deb, there is a book coming out but it’s a big secret and I’m not supposed to tell, so this is just between the two of us. For several months I’ve working with Suzanne McNeill on a handy dandy little pocket guide of tangle patterns. It will be a few months before publication, so until then hang in there! And don’t forget … it’s a secret! Shhhhhhh ….

  • Deb

    you’ve made my day, linda! your secret is safe with me! can’t wait!!!

  • Penny Sutherin

    I am very new to this form of art but I am already hooked. This a wonderful site and certainly has a lot of information. Thanks so much for sharing your designs with your viewers!

  • Mickie King

    I found “Tangling” on a craft show so I thought I would try it. Well 8 months later i am addicted! I absolutely LOVE this art form. Please keep up the good work. Thanks!

  • elizabeth priddy

    Your pattern book is what I want in my purse right now! When will we be able to order or buy it and where? I will keep your secret!

  • geckogirl

    I found a book at my local craft store and it looked interesting. Very similar to how I (used)to mindless doodle. I am now “tangling” with purpose, and I just love it. This is a great site–and very inspirational. Thank you so much–we can change the world “one line at a time”!

  • Marlene Buysse

    Linda, your site is absolutely the best around!! I love tangling (have being doing it FOREVER without knowing….)
    Thank you for doing such a great job!!

  • Bobbi J Aker

    I just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration Ive gained from your site and your tangles!! I would also like to know if you could send me “how to” for Sampson and Quabog…I’ve heard of them on sites and also in SB’s books Totally Tangled and Yoga for your brain, however have not seen them. ?? Many thanks again for all you share and the spirit in which you do so!! I love your tangles!! :)) Peace & Prayers to you and yours and the entire Zentangle community!

  • Barbara Gray

    Linda, I am fairly new to Zentangle and I love, love love it. I love your site. You are great!!!!! Thanks for the tangle examples AND your organizational abilities. NOW, I heard this somewhere — when is your book being published????? Barbara

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Barbara, thanks so much for your compliments! My book is in a bit of a hiatus AND I’m also taking a long-overdue vacation now so my interaction is somewhat limited by my computer access. But, my book is still coming along and I will “talk” more about it when I can. THANKS for caring, it’s appreciated. 🙂

  • Judi


    You’re amazing! I began tangling only this year and could never have done it without all the help this website gives to me. Thank you so much for being such a selfless person and for all the sharing you do.


  • mgmeredith

    I have not been able to find an example of Sampson anywhere. It is mentioned in the Yoga for the Brain book but none of the rest of the book that I have has it.

  • Bobbi J Aker

    Thank you, again, Linda for all you time, inspiration and communication! I absolutley love to Tangle and will be looking into how to become a CZT ASAP!! I don’t know what the initial investment may be, and the closest CZT to me that I’ve found is Carole Ohl ( and I follow her too!) I’m fairly new, as I stated in my last post, but am totally addicted and endebted to ALL of you involved with Zentangle–it has truly saved me and help me through some of the toughest times Ive had to deal with! Many Thanks! I will get with you soon for all the info or you could send it if you ever find the time–haha
    Peace & Prayers to you and yours, and all the Zentangle “family” Bobbi

  • I want to thank Linda for all her efforts
    Makes it so much easier to sit and see the tangles in front of me sometimes – I cant remember them all
    Looking forward to the PDF

    I would like to remind everyone for a small donation Linda is taking a huge amount of time for us all organizing the tangles and giving us a place to surf and see all the new patterns. Save me time

    Again Thank you Linda

  • Kathy Lyman

    This is sooo inspiring. I am new to this art form. What fun.

  • Linda, you rock! I have used your site since since before I became a CZT. And now that I am teaching, yours is the first (well, sometimes the second, after Rick & Maria’s) website I mention to my students (yes, even before my own). I cannot imagine what an undertaking this is and just thought it was high time I said thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Alison


    Any update on the book you and Suzanne McNeill were working on. I’m dying to get my hands on it. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Donna Tremble

    I am just new to tangling—-love your site—-so much sharing.You have my total admiration!!!Keep up the good work……I know it takes a lot of yyour time to do this—–you are appreciated!!!!!Sea Tangles

  • Ami

    I have never, not in my whole life, been considered an artist. Yet people are looking at the tangles I’m using in my Zentangle inspired art and going, “WOW.”

    I’m wow-ing, too. 🙂 Never felt so creative in my life!

    I’ll be teaching my summer camp kids how to do ZIA this coming week, and wanted to thank you for the resource you provide here.

    Off to experiment some more with tangle patterns.

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this guide together. I need to get the CZT. I do a lot of volunteer work with seniors and kids and would like to pass this on. Wish the seminar was closer to me on the west coast. If I pass any of the tangles on, how do I get permission to use?

  • Thank you so much Linda. I understand and will abide by your legal statement. Please let me know if anything happens for a CZT on the West Coast.

  • Kimberly Rush

    I just started tangling this year, and when I run out of ideas this website helps me so much!Thank you!!!!

  • Karen Maphis

    Thank you for your efforts to allow people like me to enjoy tangling on an amature level. It is very nice to have a multitude of ideas at my fingertips. I am wowed to see the fantastic works of art by your members.

  • Yvonne Westover

    Hi Linda,

    I have been tangling since taking a course in Oct. 2012. I am so excited to be going to CZT #13 this November. I am going to use this official list as my homework until then along with the Pattern book that you compiled!!!Thank you so much, you make checking my inbox the highlight of my day!!!

  • Sherrill

    I just started Tangling and I am now in love with it. I just found your site today and from just my first browsing I am finding patterns that I can use in my new drawings. Tangling is very relaxing and it lets you use your mind and imagination flow. I am a quilter and this has helped and my creativity when it comes to creating a quilting design for my quilts.

    Thanks for your website!! ITS GREAT!!!

  • Mindy

    Thank you for the list. I can start learning these so that it will be easier when I DO get to Providence and CZT training. Can’t make it this year so next year is the goal. I intend to make a reference notebook (for myself only) of these patterns so I can practice them.

    I took a workshop from a CZT here in Missouri and was hooked. Now I am working on a large tangle for my wall at work.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Mindy, since a tangle is a pattern I’m guessing you’re working on a Zentangle-inspired piece with many tangles in it? Enjoy learning the patterns!

  • Mindy

    Exactly. this will have many different tangle patterns and a quote in calligraphy. It’s about 26″ x 38″.

  • Wendy Causer

    Linda, I found your site by accident and wanted to let you know that Zentangle is new to the shores of Britain. Most tanglers will have heared of it first on a tv sales channel called Create and Craft. I am rapidly becoming hooked, and as I am not very good with a blank sheet of paper, like many here I like to use a shape from a stencil or maybe a shape within a paper pattern.As I am also a lover of parchment craft, I have mixed the two and have tangled some pattern into a parchment picture for a friends birthday. Are there any teachers here that you know of?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Wendy, and welcome! You will be surprised to learn that Zentangle is already VERY popular in the UK! All over the world, in fact. You can find the link to the list of Certified Zentangle Teachers located in the left sidebar of the site under the heading SOURCE WEBSITES.

  • Helen Robinson

    Hi Linda, I’m new to Zentangle here in the UK. I love it! It’s so relaxing. I was very tired last night and needed to relax, so I drew a Zentangle and it really helped me relax…it’s almost meditative!! Thank You for all the information you have here…I will definately be taking part in drawing and designing my own Zentangles. Love Helen x

  • Ana

    umm, hi i’m new and i want to know what the name of one of the samplers is in the picture, it is the 15 one, it is right above the very last one!

  • Viviana

    Estimada Linda:

    Estoy hace 2 días navegando por su página y no puedo dejar de admirar cada detalle, cada explicación, la organización de la página, en fin un herramienta maravillosa que ayudara en m icaso a enriquecer mi pasión por el arte en todas sus expresiones sobre todo , pintura, dibujo. Soy arquitecta, diseñadora de lineas de accesorios de mujer y hace un tiempo que estoy haciendo humildemente y desde la intuición, mandalas y zendalas y esta página logro cautivarme por completo, Vivo en Argentina , ya me suscribi a la página. Mis felicitaciones por tu talento, dedicación y por compartir desde el amor tu arte. Bendiciones y mucha luz para ti!!!!!Un abrazo. Viviana

    Dear Linda:
    2 days ago I’m browsing your site and I can not help but admire every detail, every explanation, the organization of the page, finally a wonderful tool to assist in m ICASO to enrich my passion for art in all its forms especially painting, drawing. I am an architect, designer woman accessories lines and for a while I’m doing humbly and from intuition, mandalas and achievement zendalas and this page completely captivate me, I live in Argentina, and I subscribed to the page. Congratulations on your talent, dedication and love to share from your art. Blessings and light to you!! A hug. Viviana

  • Gill Beasley

    Hi Linda, I’m another uk tangler who is loving zentangle and your amazing site. I first ordered my kit from you last year and have used it every day since, with a few replacement tiles of course! I’m very excited to have just booked a place on November 2014 czt seminar and have finally plucked up the courage to travel to the US for it. It will be my first time overseas in your country and I’m really looking forward to seeing New England and meeting some fellow zentangle enthusiasts. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. Kind regards, Gill beasley

  • Helen Halligan

    I hello, I love getting emails from you!

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.


  • Kate

    Hi! I’ve been enjoying losing myself in your very thorough and well-organized website! The changing patterns across the top are a continual inspiration!

    I was wondering if you could help me identify a particular tangle pattern? I was practicing “fandango” and really love the swirly/loopy pattern that Vicki included just underneath the fandango pattern in her completed zentangle. Does that pattern have a name and instructions? I tried to mimic it, with limited success, and would very much love to know its name and see the step-by-step instructions! Thanks very much for any direction you can provide 🙂


    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Kate, thanks so much for your compliments! Instead of giving you the answer to your question outright, I’ll send you on a little treasure hunt. Visit the “T” page of tangles and you’ll find the answer there 😉 And a bunch more fun tangles!

  • Julia

    Hi Linda! I admire the great job you’ve done to create this wonderful website. I am a beginning tangler and this site and your Tangle Guide is so much of a help!
    Now I am exploring official tangle patterns and making a sampler for my own reference. I have a Küle pattern in my Zentangle Kit and I have instructions for Courant in one of the books I’ve bought. To me these two patterns are very much alike. Perhaps could you give me a little hint, what is the difference, if any? I’ve blown up my mind trying to guess it. Thank you so much!

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Julia, thanks for your compliments, they are most appreciated. The main difference between the two is that Courant begins with an inked “string” where Küle is freeform built around the first shape drawn. Hope that helps!

  • Wendi

    I am brand new at this and am almost overwhelmed with all the information out here on the net about this “new-to-me” method of self-expression. WOW! Thank You!!!! I am one of those that is NOT an artist, but I am “crafty” so am looking forward to making a lot of greeting cards using these type of designs. I’m hoping it will help me to slow down a bit……I need to keep the ZEN part of this in mind!

  • Buffy Kei


    I am new to Tangling and I would just like to say that this is the best site I have come across. I really love how all the patterns are listed, and their names too.

    I have Autism and I am finding the repetitive patterns to be really calming and soothing for me. It is also teaching me that when I make a mistake to just accept it as part of the design rather than getting frustrated and feeling the need to start all over again (which is what usually happens when I try any kind of art work).

    Thank you so much


  • Miriam V Oliveira

    Great invention. Specially for people like me that use a wheelchair and have to deal with pain 24/7. This distracts and make my art juices flow.
    I forget about the pain and have lots to do, even when I was at the hospital for surgery.
    Thank you guys. You are the best!

  • Peggy

    Hi Linda. I have been trying to learn all of these official Zentangle Patterns that you have listed here. I only have 16 left to learn, then I will go back to the beginning of the list and work with each to add my own variations of each. Thank you so much for working to do this list.I really do appreciate, as I am sure many others do, what you do! I started by coloring pages I found in books with colored pencils and I am very new to the patterns, but I definitely want to create my own Tangles! (Hope I have used the correct terminology)

  • Barbara Whittaker

    Hi Linda

    Has something happened to the alphabetical list of patterns where there was a line of pink boxes A – Z? I can’t seem to access it anymore and it was such a good system for me as I was practising. Am I missing something?

  • Corinne

    My research teacher (I’m in the middle of writing a thesis) told me about zentangle. I have since began a new obsession and am incredibly excited to find your site! I will be rewarding myself with becoming a CZT as a graduation present!

  • mary Rita

    Hello again. I am still waiting for the books I orered from you Via PAYPAL on Sept.28/15. What is the hold-up?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Both PayPal and I have sent you multiple emails since October 15th which apparently are going to your junk folder. When your transaction was completed, your browser should have been redirected to a page with your download links and the links are also emailed to you by PayPal. eBooks can’t be delivered by snail mail, they are digital products. I will send yet another email to you with the download links, please check your junk folder.

  • Cate


    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information you have compiled on this site. I have admired this art form for the longest time and now that I’ve found your site and visited zentangle.com, I’m hooked – I tangle every day. I started at the beginning (0-9) and will follow that pretty pink bar all the way to the end. Thank you for the emails with the tangle patterns and strings. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with you here on this site and enjoying the Zen of it all.

    Please keep up the good work. You ROCK!!

  • Gayle

    Linda, I just bought your 2015 Tangle Guide. Thank you for doing this, it’s wonderful! I was confused on a couple of the tangles that are listed here in “Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns”. Their pictures appear in the 2015 Guide, however they are in The List as black/without links, so I had assumed they were not published. They are: Juke, Knaise, Marasu, Pinch, Sampson and Stiritup. can you help to un-confuse me?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Thanks Gayle, I’m delighted you are enjoying it. The answer to your question is in the GUIDE, “Be sure to read page 6, it describes the features and explains the blank squares so you understand how the TANGLE GUIDE works.”

  • Timothy Bogott

    Linda, I have to say, this is the best Zentangle info site (besides the official Zentangle site) that I have ever seen. I had finished drawing a picture and I wanted to fill it with tangles, but I had forgotten the tangles that were in my Zentangle drawing book (I don’t have it with me) so this site made it way easier. The neatness is so incredible. I hope your site will encourage other to join the Zentangle Zealots.

  • Marylou Lynn

    Thank you for all the inspiration! Love your site

  • Gudrun Kaiserswerth

    Hello Linda,
    I am a German Tangler but not a CZT. I like to tangle since nearly 6 years.
    Your Website is great and I love it. It is so fine, to find always some new patterns.
    Thank you for your work!
    Have good times and let it grow

    Greetings from the Bavarian Alpes

  • Lizzie Trogen

    Love your site! Thank you very much for taking care of all addicted tanglers when you update the site 😉
    I think I was hooked the second I tried to do the first pattern from the “Zentangle Primer“, a gift to myself after a period of illness. What a good way to feel even better!

  • Cindy Adler CZT22

    Linda, THANK YOU for this list. I became a CZT in 2016 and when SPOKEN was released I realized I missed some of the new official tangles. Your list helped me capture them. Next is to purchase your 2017 ebook. I LOVE having that on my iPhone!!

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Thanks Cindy, glad you find this list useful and the same for my 2017 Tangle Guide. When Spoken is publicly released (it was released to CZTs today), it will be added to the site and linked from this list.

  • Gina Sorensen

    What is the name of the tangle on the first row; fourth block on the sampler. I can’t find it any where.

  • Nicole

    Hi Linda,

    thank you very much for this list.

    Greetings from Germany,


    Thank you so much! Your site is wonderful!

  • May

    what is the name of the tangle on the second row down, first column on the left? I cant remember it

  • Sandy

    This is wonderful ! Amazing anyway I can show you my appreciation. I create jewelry.
    I can’t wait to try some new tangles

  • Merry H

    I just don’t know how to thank you enough in words for this site! I cannot begin to imagine how many hours, and months and work that this must have taken you to organize and put together. Since I found this (a couple weeks ago) I have been going to it many many times a day. It is extremely helpful and very much appreciated! (I just learned of this art about a month ago.) Your talent for organization is amazing, and very much appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Very sincerely, Merry

  • Louise lapierre

    Merci merci merci..je viens d’acheter un de vos kit de base au Québec….je vais débuter..merci

    Google Translate: Thank you thank you thank you..i just bought one of your basic kit in Quebec …. I will start..thank you

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