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Totally Tangled

Cover of "Totally Tangled"Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew – this softcover book from CZT® Sandy Bartholomew is a must-have reference for Zentanglers and doodlers alike.

Formally trained in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and New York School of Visual Arts, Sandy is an author, illustrator, mixed media artist, and business woman who runs her own “creativity general store”, mini-gallery, studio, and teaching studio in New Hampshire. These endeavors clearly show in the creativity of Totally Tangled.

Lavishly illustrated in Sandy’s whimsical and engaging style, this 52-page (including cover) delight contains directions for 107 (my count) patterns. Most are Sandy’s creations, but she also includes patterns by 11 guest artists, and 5 “official” Zentangle® patterns.

Totally Tangled begins with an illustrated section on tools you’ll find helpful, and suggestions on how to make the best use of them in your tangles.

Next Sandy reviews the basic steps of creating a Zentangle® followed by tips and techniques on shading, color, contrast, and how to create depth and roundness. As a rookie Zentangler, I found these pages really valuable and refer to the them often.

Then come the patterns! Lots of them, with step-by-step illustrations and tips sprinkled liberally throughout the pages. There are also examples of Egyptian, Japanese and Mehndi designs, and Zendalas for further inspiration.

The final 10 pages include lots of creative ideas on Zentangle applications, ideas for strings, more sources of inspiration, and tangling with your kids. It concludes with an alphabetical index of all the patterns in the book for easy reference.

Totally Tangled is full of inspiration and creative ideas for your Zentangling pleasure. I’d venture to bet that you’ll be hooked in no time with this book at your side. And you’ll be amazed how your kids will love this too – it’s a great hobby for the whole family.

As the back cover says, “Can’t draw? Stressed out? Even if you are an artist and feel perfectly calm … Zentangle is for you! Learn to focus, relax your mind and boost your creative confidence. No Kidding”.

Seriously. You want this book in your Zentangle® library. Trust me, $12 bucks couldn’t be better spent. Just click here to find it on Amazon and you’re on your way!

BTW – for Sandy’s patterns and links here on, click the tag sandyb.


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"Linda, Thank you! I was relying on too few and getting stuck after 3 years of daily working with Zentangle. This has inspired me to ‘begin again’ with renewed excitement." ~ Barbara R.

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NEW! Now available in KINDLE format for $9.99. Spanish Edition here. Japanese Edition here.
"Absolutely the best Zentangle Book yet! As an accomplished artist I used to think I did not need instruction on this art form. How wrong I was! My tangling improved by leaps and bounds after reading this book. If you think you have Zentangle down then you need this book more than ever!" ~ Kris H



32 comments to Totally Tangled

  • Deb

    I think this is the best book out there on zentangle…anxiously awaiting a sequel?? Maybe??

  • Twist my arm, eh? Hee hee ;-D

    • Deb

      Oh, definitely twisting, Linda. This book was the best. I keep it in my binder with the rest of the patterns. The other books don’t travel 🙂

  • Twisting – I would LOVE a sequel to this one!!

  • Sharon Hermens

    I love the Totally Tangled book. It’s very useful to me as a new “tangler”. I refer to it a lot. Thank you and I hope to see a sequel!

  • Alyce

    I have your book and some others. Your book is by far my favorite. It would be fantastic if you were able to publish another one. I’d definitely buy it!

  • Evelyn

    I want to add my thanks and accolades to everyone else’s. I own the book and refer to it every day. And, yes, I would also like to see a sequel.

  • Lori

    I have not yet seen this book, as I’m just getting into Zentangling…..It looks VERY helpful !

  • dianne

    OMG, i carry this book everywhere i go, seriously! and i’m a newbie at tangling, too, but i see that i will become an expert pretty soon with the ideas and tips from this book.

  • Mary F.

    I bought your Totally Tangled book and would buy the sequel as well. Need I twist your arm any further?
    Hope you consider doing a sequel!

  • LOVE IT! Next to my official “102 Tangles” CZT guide, this is my favorite Zentangle book, not just for tangle references, but also for inspiration and ideas. Sandy… I am twisting your arm too-I do so hope you’ll write a sequel. I would be honored to add it to my stable of Zentangle workshop offerings.

  • Ohmygoodness! Ok, this is pretty exciting! So, in this next book…what do you want to see? And I am also trying to find out who are the “Superstars of Zentangle”?

    • Linda Farmer

      It IS exciting, isn’t it? You’ve got lots of support for your sequel out here Sandy!

      For myself, I find drawing and shading tips very useful. But of course, it’s the patterns that we all like to refer to for inspiration. As for “superstars”, naturally you’d want to look to the CZT’s first I’d think. There are also lots of good examples in the flickr Zentangle group. My 2 cents.

  • Krystal

    I like creating zentangles with flowers, and triangles! This book really helped. A+++!!!!!!! Reccommend making a second or even a third, it would sell so well!

  • diane

    Please Sandy,PLEASE………

  • Cookie

    I love all three of the Zentangle Books. Awaiting the Zentangle-3 book to be delivered to my door. I bounce back and forth between these books and the shared patterns I find on line. Yesterday when I went walking, I took my digital camera with me to take pictures of items I see a potential pattern from. I still need to download the photos so I can create and draw patterns from and see what it’s like to create my own patterns. I love the patterns on this website.

  • Sharon Payne

    I ordered both books today…Totally Tangled and AlphaTangle… I have been doing some form of this for more than 30 years, just didn’t have a name… LOL… But I look forward to learning other techniques that I can incorporate into my designs.

  • I LOVE the Totally Tangled book and have been expanding my use of Tangles because of it! I would love to have a sequel to it. I’m in a yahoo art group and we are looking at working through the Totally Tangled book in a workshop format with Sandy’s blessing to boot! I don’t know when the work shop will be starting up but it’s gonna be fun!!

  • Claudette Pomroy

    I just discovered Zentangle and this site about a week ago. I’m already hooked, and just received my copy of “Totally Tangled” yesterday. I’m really excited to try all of the patterns in my next tangle (probably later tonight!) The book is so well laid out for a beginner like me. I studied art in college and through the years I seem to have lost my “mojo.” This is just what I needed to get my creative spark back!

  • Kathy

    Oh yes! A sequel would be wonderful! I received my copy of Totally Tangled last week, and I LOVE it! I like the ones with curlicues and dotty and stripey, like btl joos and finery. 🙂

  • barbara



  • Now I’m an owner of all 4 Tangle Books. Basic Zentangle, #2, #3 plus Totally Tangle and I bounce back and forth between all 4 books, plus my collection of Tangle Patterns I got from this site.

    I have a 5-1/2×8-1/2 Inch, 3″ wide binder I keep my collection of tangle patterns I’ve collected from mostly this site and the Yahoo Group site.
    The basic kit that Rick and Maria sells which includes the legend of 20 patterns with the 20 sided die. I use that same method with both of my 100 sided and 10 sided dice from the “Totally Tangle” book alone.

    As for the Binder I collect and store my tangle patterns from here and Yahoo Group, I broke down my collection alphabetally. The name of a tangle pattern that starts with a “B” for example, I will file under the B tab in my Binder. Since there are 26 letters of the Alphabet, I use my 30 sided die (since there’s no such die with 26 sides. Yes I looked for one) or I will use my 20 sided and 6 sided dice at once. If the dice lands on a number 6 for example, then I will look under the letter “F” since it’s the 6th letter of the alphabet. Now under each alphabet tab are more than one tangle pattern in my Binder. I wrote down how many patterns I have under that alphabet on the tab,(i.e. “G” I wrote the number 8 since there are 8 patterns under G). I wrote these numbers in pencil so I can change them each time I add a new pattern.

    If my dice rolled #6 for the letter “F”, then I will roll my 8 sided die to help me decide what pattern to pick under that tab or sometimes I just flip through my pages and decide from there, but it’s fun using the dice like Rick and Maria showed in their kit.

    That’s how I get myself out of the “designer’s Block” once I start a Zentangle.

  • Brenda

    I just received my Totally Tangled book from Amazon today and absolutely LOVE it! I’ve been doodling forever, but only just started tangling. This book will help tremendously and am among the many here hoping a second book is in the works soon! Thank you!

  • Your wish is my command! The sequel to Totally Tangled is called “Yoga for Your Brain” and should be available in a few weeks! I tried to incorporate all your requests into it – so I hope you really love it too. I am so excited and nervous – it’s like having a baby!

  • Linda Farmer

    Thanks for stopping by, Sandy! We are ALL excitedly awaiting the debut of “Yoga for the Brain”.

  • Oh Sandy I am all ready to pre-order it! I got Totally Tangled last month and LOVE it!!

  • Kathy B.

    I’m new to Zentangles. I found out about it a week ago, and have been doing it almost non-stop for hours at a time. I love it and have ordered Totally Tangled and Zentangle 3. I can’t wait for them to come from Amazon. I started out doing small ones and have moved on to full pages. I’ve framed one of them and my husband and kids love it. Thanks for publishing these books and I’ll probably order the rest of them as well.

  • Stacy

    I just took my first Zentangle class last night and purchased this book at the end of the class. I know this will be my first of MANY books! Can’t wait to read through it!!

  • Bianca

    The Totally Tangled book has been translated to dutch this year and I instantly bought one! It is a great book to start out with, clear explanations and loads of fun tangles to use! 😀 Can’t wait till I can get my hands on the Dutch Yoga one! 😀

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