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Teaching Zentangle®

Linda Farmer, CZTThe Zentangle Method™ is taught by Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) who have graduated from the certification seminar taught by founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

This four day program is taught by the founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, along with their daughters Martha Huggins and Molly Hollibaugh. They provide a comprehensive understanding of the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing and how to teach it. After seminar you have the understanding, tools and inspiration necessary to teach the Zentangle Method and convey the full Zentangle experience to others.

All English-speaking certification seminars are held in Providence, Rhode Island (see the “I can’t afford to come to Providence, RI” note below).

People from all over the world come to Providence to attend the training seminar. (Currently the only non-English seminars are taught in Mandarin and are held in Taiwan. For current CZT-Asia training seminars, visit this page.)

The English-speaking Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars take place at the Providence Biltmore in Providence, RI.

All seminars begin with a Sunday afternoon class and finish Wednesday around 5:00 pm so plan your travel accordingly. You need to attend all sessions to be certified.

Certification seminars for 2019 (information & registration links will be added when they become available):

  • CZT 33 – March 31 – April 3, 2019
  • CZT 34 – June 16 – 19, 2019

Each seminar link will take you to its respective registration page on the Zentangle.events website and give you much more detailed information. There you can choose whether you wish to be a day student, share a room with another student or have a private room.

The seminars fill up very quickly, so be sure to register ASAP to ensure you get a spot. “Please do not make plane or other reservations until your registration is completed with us.

Tuition includes

  • All supplies needed for seminar
  • All meals and snacks starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with celebratory snacks on Wednesday afternoon.
  • All taxes and gratuities

In other words, everything you need is included, except parking.

When you register you can choose to have a private room, share a room with another student or be a day student. If you choose a lodging option, the price includes 3 nights accommodations: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Additional days are available at a reduced rate.

Private Room Student
Includes training, meals, coffee breaks and snacks, all necessary supplies and three nights (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) private lodging at the Providence Biltmore. $TBA.

Share Room Student
Includes training, meals, coffee breaks and snacks, all necessary supplies and three nights (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) shared lodging at the Providence Biltmore. $TBA.

Day Student (No Lodging)
Includes training, meals, coffee breaks and snacks, and all necessary supplies. $TBA.

When you register online, you will only pay a non-refundable registration fee. The balance will be invoiced in a follow-up email. Payment plans are available on request.

If you have any questions, please email: martha@zentangle.com

Important events occur at CZT seminars that can’t be conveyed with words or online through video. …

Often people see Zentangle’s simplicity and assume it is easy to teach. However there is so much more to our Zentangle teaching method than the many cool tangles we and others share for free. There are reasons and techniques and philosophies and principles for everything that we do. Once you learn these you can then really serve your students well and be able to answer their questions and concerns. …

We created our CZT training program so you could understand the basics and depth of Zentangle and so you could convey the full Zentangle experience to others”.

This is from the FAQ page on zentangle.com:

I can’t afford to come to Providence, RI. Can you give a CZT seminar in _________ ?

“We work diligently to keep our CZT seminars as inexpensive as possible, while providing the venue and materials necessary to have a wonderful experience. If we** were to travel more than a short driving distance from our home base our costs would go up significantly. It would end up costing attendees much more than if they had flown to Providence. If we would teach a seminar in say, California, the tuition would have to be many times what it is now, certainly more than it would cost someone to come to Providence from California.”

**Linda’s note: “we” includes all the Zentangle team members who handle the logistics of moving and setting up exhibits, supplies and teaching materials as well as administering the seminar. This staff is in addition to Rick and Maria and Molly and Martha, the teachers. As you might imagine, running a seminar of the scope and nature of the CZT training involves much more than Rick and Maria and Molly and Martha simply turning up in another part of the country.

How to become a CZT®

To learn more about how to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, please visit this page on Zentangle.com.

Find a class near you: Certified Zentangle Teachers

“We encourage you to take a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). It is a special experience. Everyone on this page has been personally taught by Rick and Maria. They understand what Zentangle is about and how to teach you.”

My CZT® Class of October 2011 (CZT#7), Providence RILearn more on Zentangle.com

More questions? Learn about teaching, selling your Zentangle-inspired creations, and more by visiting the zentangle.com website.

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27 comments to Teaching Zentangle®

  • Laura JW

    I don’t see the cost of the CZT training anywhere. I am new to this artform, but very very excited about it and since I am just completing my Adult Ed certificate, this seems like a great thing to teach!! Can you tell me how much it costs, even just a ballpark, so I have an idea?

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Laura, the two remaining classes will be posted later this week on zentangle.com so you can get the costs then. I don’t know what it is currently, and I don’t want to put something out there that isn’t accurate. It does include your accommodation at the five-star Hotel Providence and all your meals, plus the training and all the goodies you get as part of the seminar. Obviously it varies with the type of accommodation you choose (single, double). Hang in there for a couple of days …

  • Tanya

    I appreciate the question about cost as I have also been checking to find the cost. I see they have posted the classes but not the cost. Would you let us know where it will be posted so I am sure I am checking the right place. Also, could you share with us your personal opinion on the value of becoming a CZT versus being self taught. Thank you. I appreciate your daily emails and blog. Tanya

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Tanya, I think you will really enjoy taking a class from a CZT, as I quoted from Rick and Maria, there’s so much more to Zentangle than you can learn online. In addition you will meet fellow tanglers and can share your experiences with new friends. And even if you don’t plan to teach, the certification seminar is well worth the experience – it’s simply amazing.

  • Vikki Bauer

    I would really like to become certified bit live in Canada. Can I become certified from another instructor? Coming to Rhode Island is not something I can do.


    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Vikki, Rick and Maria are the ONLY people who teach the certification seminar and you have to travel to Providence RI. Many people from all over the world have gone there – the experience is well worth the trip.

  • Vikki Bauer

    Thanks Linda. Is this something my husband and I can make a holiday out of? Can we book a room ourselves in the same hotel? Vikki

    • Linda Farmer

      Yes you can, several couples were at the seminar I attended and that included Robert and I. Check with Zentangle, I think you can make those arrangements through them when you register.

  • Louise McGrath

    Hi again Linda
    Are there any official CZT in Australia?

  • Kelley Kelly

    Well, phooey! The August one is full – here’s hoping for one next summer!!

  • Barbara Russell

    IS there a schedule for 2013? Need to start planning and saving for it now. Thanks,

    Barbara Russell
    New York


    Look forward to receiving dates for 2013 classes.

  • carolann

    hi linda, when are you coming to australia. you would be more than welcome. I would love to be a czt, but cannot afford a trip to you. love carolann

  • theia

    please could you let me know what the cost is- i have looked everywhere and cannot find it. I need to budget.


  • Judy Richards

    Hi Linda…

    Im very interested in becoming a certified teacher… but I live in Austalia… I have taught myself and have only been doing this since April this year… I had never heard of it before I accidently came across it on the internet… I am very interested in teaching others….

    Thankyou Judy

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Judy, many people from Australia – and many other parts of the world for that matter – have traveled to Providence to become certified. It is worth every penny, and more.
      Make it your goal and you can do it too!

  • cathy pepe

    Hi. I am an Expressive Therapist and also a CADC (Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor) in MA. I need CEUs to maintain my CADC. I’m wondering if you provide CEUs for this certification?
    Thank you.

  • Lee

    I know this will happen for me! Hope springs eternal – the ZT Fund has been started and will continue until time, money and transport intersect in a Big CZT Bang 😉

    Rick and Maria are absolutely da BOMB. I’ve benefited so much from their creative energy, their generosity, and their artistic inspiration. I esteem them so highly and hope to meet and work with them in the not-too-distant future. My relationship with them and with ZT goes back to 2005. Such great people, and what a wonderful gift they are continuing to give to the world 😉

  • Deb Mueller

    I have signed up for the Seminar 25 and I am looking forward to it. Trying not to fall into the addiction pit, but it may be too late. Since I can assume you have been to a least one if not multiple seminars can you give a bit more insight to the experience other than what is already on the website?

    I have a private room, I can only imagine that for that extended “weekend” that the hotel is overrun with ZT attendees.

    • Susan Reading

      Hi Deb, I attended and was certified at #20 this past June. I would go back to another session in an instant if I could. Hopefully someday I’ll get to enjoy this magical experience again. I also had a private room, and the hotel is wonderful…a little gem of a boutique hotel on a narrow cobblestone street…but you won’t be spending much time there or doing much sightseeing. And the hotel IS all CZTs in training for the 3-4 days. I met people from 13 different countries and feel blessed to say I am still in touch with many of the new friends I made while in Providence. You will be completely immersed in The Zentangle Experience from the minute you arrive and I honestly did not want the time to end. It was the most amazing, fabulous and memorable time of my life! Enjoy every second!

  • Paula R. Trueax

    I am retiring in two years and one of my goals is to become a CZT. Will the prices go up? My husband and I are coming to Providence in a motor home. Is there a place for us? Could I still register and attend the summer of 2019-2020? I can start saving now and am so excited to be certified at being a CZT as I am addicted to this.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Paula, the CZT Seminars are run by the folks at Zentangle so you should contact them with your questions: http://zentangle.com
      That said, I doubt they can answer questions about the price going up in 2019-20 yet, who knows what the hotels will be charging at that time. But I think we can assume that costs will rise some both for the accommodations and the meals. Good luck and congratulations on your advance planning 🙂

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