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Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Journal Project – A Chronology

During 2024 in celebration and recognition of Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Zentangle HQ has launched a year-long project as described in their newsletter:

We will be journaling our way through the 20th Anniversary celebration. Each month we will fill our pages and inspire you to do the same. Together we will highlight thoughts, ideas, tangles, and tiles – there is so much to celebrate! In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we are offering a special journal bundle for you to journey through this year with us. We have created a special 20th Anniversary Journal Bundle. ($47.00) Available for a limited time:

Join us as we tangle and journal our way through the monthly themes of the Zentangle Method’s year-long 20th anniversary celebration. This bundle contains a blank Zentangle Journal filled with beautiful pages of ivory drawing paper. The journal is accompanied by a Zentangle branded tool pouch with Micron 01, Micron PN, mini graphite pencil, and a tortillon. Also included is an 8-Steps Bookmark and a pack of photo corners. Keeping a tangling journal is a great way to explore new tangles and tangleations, mount finished tiles, and experiment with other mixed media or scrapbooking techniques to capture all your tangled expressions on your creative journey.

BTW – here’s the link if you’d like to get just the blank Zentangle Journal ($32.95) to follow along through the year.

This page on TanglePatterns will be updated with links to the Zentangle posts and YouTube videos as they appear, so bookmark it and return frequently to see the latest updates and keep track of the overall Journal Project chronology.




1. January 16 – Introductory Video (12:39) – Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Journal Project – with Molly and Martha.

Click to go to the YouTube video

Molly and Martha introduce the year-long Zentangle Journal Project. Below is an edited summary describing an overview of the project. Also shown are a variety of journals and innovative ways they’ve been used to incorporate tangles, tiles and journaling techniques.

It’s been 20 years since the first official Zentangle class and we wanted to start on the first of a new year to honor this. And why not celebrate for a whole year!

So one of the things we’re going to be doing for all of 2024 is presenting a theme for every month starting with January. And then flowing through all these really fun themes and we’re going to be honoring different aspects of the Zentangle Method, Zentangle history and everything in between.

Every month there’ll be newsletters and blogs, and maybe tutorials, special products and things like that.


2. January 16 – The 8 Steps of the Zentangle Method

Click to go to the YouTube Video

Blog Post: The 8 Steps of the Zentangle Method: A Tutorial

YouTube Video (11:30) – The 8 Steps of the Zentangle Method – with Julie Willand. NOTE: “As an homage to the lessons from the Original Kit DVD, this lesson has no sound/spoken instruction.”

Today we are going back to basics and taking a moment to savor the 8 Steps of the Zentangle Method. In this lesson, we slow down and work deliberately through the 8 foundational steps and explore the roots of the Zentangle Method.


3. January 23Journal Prompt

Journal Prompt: Create a page in your journal dedicated to then and now. Add an early tile of yours and a more recent one and reflect on how your practice has evolved over the years and what has remained the same.

4. January 30Blog PostIt is Just a Suggestion, Not a Demand. A blog post from Molly.



5. February 1 – Newsletter

If you are journaling along with us, we encourage you to turn to a new page and take a moment to reflect on what fills your heart and surround those things by your favorite tangle.

6. February 13 – Blog PostHeart Strings. Blog post with video (26.55), Molly and Julie explore a heart string and 5xPhive tiles.



MARCH 2024 JOURNAL PROMPT: Birth of Zentangle

7. March 1Newsletter

This month, as we begin to look back at the beginning of the Zentangle Method’s journey, we invite you to look back at the beginning of your Zentangle journey. Open a new spread in your journal and reflect on when you first found the Zentangle Method. Are there tangles that remind you of your early journey? How does it feel to explore those tangles now?

8. March 5 – Blog Post – ICSO. Rick and Maria explain how the term icso for elemental strokes came about. Included is this journal prompt:

“Write ICSO in large letters on your page. Use the letters as a string/guide for your tangles. As you tangle, pay attention to each line and which elemental stroke it uses.

Maybe, use tangles that utilize only 1 elemental stroke at a time, like indyrella, keeko, knightsbridge, etc.”

9. March 15 to April 2 – Project Pack #23The Birth of the Zentangle Method™:

A 10-day series of video tutorials posting every other day, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Zentangle Method.

This year, 2024, will mark twenty years since the first official public Zentangle class was given. In honor of this monumental milestone, we thought it appropriate to spend the whole year celebrating. Zentangle Project Pack No. 23 will honor those initial strokes that resulted in the birth of the Zentangle Method.

Project Pack #23 can be purchased here, $39.95. Here is the TanglePatterns Project Pack #23 Summary.



10. April 4 – Newsletter

Julie writes,

“Whenever I talk to people who practice the Zentangle Method, most everyone agrees that the method is about so much more than just putting pen to paper. The philosophies behind the Zentangle Method are just as powerful as the benefits of creating beautiful art.

One of the greatest gifts I think that the Zentangle Method has to offer is the No Mistakes philosophy.

“No Mistakes” does not mean that mistakes or missteps do not happen, it is about how we handle those mistakes and missteps. …

During the month of April, we will explore this philosophy by looking back at all the ways we have embraced it over the years.”

In 2019, we took a deep dive into the No Mistakes philosophy in Zentangle Project Pack No. 06. We invite you to revisit these lessons and stories as we celebrate this month. Learn all about Maria’s ink stained journal in the PP06 Introduction video.

Open up to a new spread dedicated to No Mistakes. Take a moment to reflect on how this philosophy has shifted your perspective both on and off the tile. Are there tangles or techniques that you have not tried for fear that you will not do them the “right way”? Use these pages to explore those tangles and techniques and remember… No Mistakes!

11. April 25VideoTangle the Spill

Tangle along with Molly Hollibaugh and Julie Willand from Zentangle, Inc as they explore a fun Zentangle trend to honor the No Mistakes philosophy, Tangling the Spill“.

The video references Maria’s spilled ink journal of Project Pack #06.


MAY 2024 JOURNAL PROMPT: Be Well, Be You, Bijou

12. May 1Newsletter

“We knew we could not celebrate Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary without a month dedicated to our beloved mascot, Bijou.

In honor of Bijou and Mental Health Awareness Month, we are embarking on a 21 day challenge where we will delve into one tangle on one 3Z tile a day*. We invite you to find 15-20 minutes each day to tangle along with us, Bijou, and the Zentangle Community, allowing your pen to soothe your soul.

This 21-day series begins Friday, May 10th.

As an alternative to the 3Z tiles we are also invited to use the daily prompts in our 20th Anniversary Journal if we prefer.

13. May 9Newsletter – What to Expect

Outlines what to expect in this 21-day series and includes Tips and Resources. Of particular note is the daily videos are with very limited audio:

The audio will be very simplified for these lessons. You will hear a little music at the beginning and at the end, but the rest is limited to the sounds of the pens and pencils working on the tiles. Enjoy the quiet or put on your own calming music.

14. 21-Day Series Daily Tangle Prompts & Bijou Cartoons (remember, these videos have little or no audio)

Molly writes, “This year, I thought to revisit my mom’s dream of becoming a ‘cartooniste’. I asked her to create 21 Bijou comics for each day of the series.


    1. May 10Newsletter –  Day 1 Video – (08:00) – Cartoon by Maria: It had to Bijou. Tangling with Julie: Doodah.
    2. May 11NewsletterDay 2 Video – (08:28) – Cartoon by Maria: I tangle. What is your superpower? Tangling with Molly: Indy-Rella.
    3. May 12NewsletterDay 3 Video – (06:45) – Cartoon by Maria: Sometimes it’s hard to be present. Tangling with Julie: Hurry.
    4. May 13NewsletterDay 4 Video – (11:38) – Cartoon by Maria: Take a walk on the wild side. Tangling with Rick: Flux.
    5. May 14NewsletterDay 5 Video – (06:17) – Cartoon by Maria: Remember to stop & smell the roses. Tangling with Julie: Florz.
    6. May 15NewsletterDay 6 Video – (11:38) – Cartoon by Maria: It’s tangle o’clock somewhere. Tangling with Maria: Purk.
    7. May 16NewsletterDay 7 Video – (14:56) – Cartoon by Maria: Enjoy the shade. Tangling with Molly: Braze.
    8. May 17NewsletterDay 8 Video – (13:51 ) – Cartoon by Maria: And he chose …. the string less traveled. Tangling with Rick: Fescu.
    9. May 18NewsletterDay 9 Video – (16:38) – Cartoon by Maria: Happiness comes in waves. Tangling with Maria: Rixty.
    10. May 19NewsletterDay 10 Video – (11:04) – Cartoon by Maria: To thine own shell be true. Tangling with Martha: Betweed.
    11. May 20NewsletterDay 11 Video – (11:34) – Cartoon by Maria: We all have a shaky day once in a while, even Bijou. Tangling with Rick: Paradox.
    12. May 21NewsletterDay 12 Video – (15:57) – Cartoon by Maria: I am very shellective with how I spend my time. Tangling with Martha: Moon Pie.
    13. May 22NewsletterDay 13 Video – (12:03) – Cartoon by Maria: Friends come in all shapes. Tangling with Molly: Crazy Cadent.
    14. May 23NewsletterDay 14 Video – (10:27) – Cartoon by Maria: Bijou flourishes. Tangling with Molly: Festune.
    15. May 24NewsletterDay 15 Video – (14:46) – Cartoon by Maria: You are Gourd-geous. Tangling with Molly: Scena.
    16. May 25NewsletterDay 16 Video – (17:18) – Cartoon by Maria: Seek and ye shell find. Tangling with Martha: Printemps.
    17. May 26NewsletterDay 17 Video – (11:21) – Cartoon by Maria: Bijou turns over a new leaf. Tangling with Maria: Quabog.
    18. May 27NewsletterDay 18 Video – (08:10) – Cartoon by Maria: Where’s Bijou? Tangling with Julie: Marasu.
    19. May 28NewsletterDay 19 Video – (17:04) – Cartoon by Maria: Bijou teaches balance. Tangling with Maria: Yincut.
    20. May 29NewsletterDay 20 Video – (13:12) – Cartoon by Maria: Weeeeee! Tangling with Rick: Spoken.
    21. May 30NewsletterDay 21 Video – (14:07) – Cartoon by Maria: We shell overcome … Tangling with Martha: Mooka.

May 30Wrap Up Video (09:37).


JUNE 2024 JOURNAL PROMPT: Certified Zentangle Teachers

15. June 3 – Newsletter:

We could not celebrate the 20th anniversary of Zentangle without taking a moment to celebrate the tireless tanglers who have spread this method far and wide. Each and every one of them draws from their own experiences to guide their students, with more passion and gratitude than we could ever imagine.

Over the next few weeks, we will celebrate our nearly 8,000 Certified Zentangle Teachers in 82 countries around the world and the community that they have helped build.

…   Shading your Zentangle art is just as much part of the method as the tangles themselves. Adding shades of gray can add dimension and character to your art and allows you to play with both light and dark. Shading can also be daunting and intimidating.

In your journal this month, we are focusing on shading. We encourage you to push the limits by adding layers and layers (and more layers) of contrast to create an illusion of light and dark.

In between the tangles, reflect on if you have ever taken a Zentangle class with a CZT or followed a tutorial that really pushed you outside of your comfort zone. How did that go? What did you learn?

16. June 13 – Newsletter: “We hereby declare July 15th the International Day of Zentangle.”

In honor of this very special day, we would like to invite all of you to join us for a LIVE online tangling event. July 15, 2024, 10:00am EST

Materials needed: 3.5″ square Zentangle tile, black micron, graphite pencil, tortillion.

More details on how to join us will follow.









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3 comments to Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Journal Project – A Chronology

  • Jenn Brayton CZT36

    Thank you very much for giving us a dedicated page to the 20 year anniversary posts and prompts! So easy when it’s all in one place – great for checking what I’ve worked on and what I am still reflecting upon haha <3

  • Linda Farmer, CZT

    Chronology page updated: added May’s prompt for Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Journal Project.

  • Linda Farmer, CZT

    FYI – I’m updating this Chronology page daily with links for May’s 21-Day Mental Health Awareness Month tangling challenge that began yesterday, part of Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Journal Project and celebrations. Bookmark and visit often 🙂

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