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Tangle Refresher 45

Tangle Refresher!

Two weeks ago the Northeast US and Canada were pummeled by a huge winter storm. Today, another one that has already “lashed the Great Plains” is headed for the Upper Great Lakes and the Northeast.

Here in North Florida we’ve had quite a few unseasonably warm days alternating with downright cold ones this winter. The Azaleas that don’t usually bloom until the end of March or early April in this part of the state have been in full glorious bloom for a couple of weeks. Our temperatures have ranged from the 80’s – like today – into the 30’s and 40’s at night. That’s a 40-degree swing in just a few hours. Florida’s huge agriculture industry must be wringing its hands at Mother Nature’s indecision.

Climate change extremes and disruptions are being experienced all over the world, and our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends in Australia.

According to the The New York Times, “Punishing winds, torrential rains and powerful ocean swells have inundated large areas of Australia’s two most populous states, driving thousands of people from their homes and killing at least four people. … The floods add one more blow to a barrage of bizarre and destructive weather in the country, which was in the grip of a searing four-month heat wave and scores of huge wildfires before the remains of Tropical Cyclone Oswald made landfall late last week.”

If that’s not enough, Reuters reports that Australians are watching a tropical low off the northwest coast and odds are “high” that it will  strengthen into another cyclone by Sunday.

Where we are all headed is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain: we can take a welcome break from our day-to-day discomforts and concerns when we get out the 01 Micron and some Zentangle® tiles and become lost in tangling creativity for a spell. Macro to micro. This is a good thing. Be safe, y’all.

* * *

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3 comments to Tangle Refresher 45

  • Sue Zanker

    I always look forward to “refresher time” each week, just to try “new” tangles that you remind us about! Thanks Linda!

    Your comments about the weather were interesting too. I live in North Queensland in Australia and we are yet to have a “proper” Wet Season this summer. Instead, all the carnage is happening down South on the Queensland/New South Wales border and all we are getting is never-ending humidity without any cooling rains to speak of. Seems everything is upside down and back to front where the weather is concerned!!

  • Bernice Gronek

    I live in salt lake city Utah and I just got started in tangling. I have been doodling most of my life and did not know that it had a name. I would like to know if there is a group of in Utah .
    I am excited about doing tangling.I am using the tangles for greeting cards.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Welcome Bernice, please check the list of Certified Zentangle Teachers to see if there’s one in your area. The link is located in the left sidebar, under the heading SOURCE WEBSITES.

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