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Tangle Refresher 17

Tangle Refresher!

I’m very excited because the youngest of my three dearly loved sisters and her (also dearly loved) husband have arrived from the frozen north to spend a few days with us on their way further south to the Gulf coast. So for the next few days you’ll pardon me if my response time on comments and email is lagging a tad. We’ll be doing touristy things and enjoying each other’s company. But fear not, new tangles will arrive in your inbox as usual!

The Tangle Refresher series, aka Buried Treasure, is all about highlighting hidden tangle gems from the past. It can remind you of patterns you might not have used for a while or introduce you to patterns you might not have come across yet.

Here are five more tangle pattern gems from a year ago for your tangling pleasure. Zenful tangling …

Buried Treasure from a year ago

Zentangle pattern: Ixorus

Zentangle pattern: Struzzle Struzzle
Tangle pattern: Embellish Embellish
Zentangle pattern: Lilypads Lilypads
Zentangle pattern: BUNDLES Bundles

More good stuff …

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6 comments to Tangle Refresher 17

  • Hi, Linda

    I look forward to the Tangle Refreshers you publish every week or two. Keep up the good work.

    I’m going to file copies if this with my 20 MB list of Official Tangle guide you put together for us.

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks Cookie – or you could just wait for the 2013 Edition to come along next year 😉 – though of course these tangles are already in the 2012 Edition.

  • Sue.... from Townsville Australia

    Wow Linda,
    Does that comment mean you will be putting together additions each year ???!!!! Wonderful !

  • Chris Clark

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the 2012 guide that you made for us. I downloaded mine to my Nook so I have a handy reference anywhere in the house. It works just like a computer. When I click on a pattern, it takes me to the directions! It is so handy! I just love it!

    Thanks again,

  • Jaime

    Hi Linda!

    I am a ceramic artist who has always struggled with surface design.. While the shapes I could make with clay always intrigued me, I continually felt I could be doing a better job with surface decoration if I only knew how. A fellow potter turned me onto zentangles as a way to ‘increase my doodling vocabulary’ and boy has it! I am carving my own stamps to impress into clay with zentangle inspired designs, and using colored slips and scratching zentangle patterns thru them , ala ‘tangling’! And when it’s too cold in the studio, I’m curled up on the couch, playing in my many notebooks, which go with me everywhere. I’ve also turned my stepmom and 11-year-old nephew onto zentangles, so the three generations of us are comparing designs and sometimes doing collaborative work.

    Thank you so much for all you do to promote this wonderful art form… Maybe someday I’ll join you in becoming a CZT, but in the meantime, my pottery thanks you!!!

    Jaime Weber,
    Jambalaya Arts
    Dana Point, CA

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