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How to draw QUAGGA

Zentangle pattern: Quagga. Image © Linda Farmer and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. The unauthorized pinning, reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.Swiss tangler Lisette Hofer shares her pretty Quagga ribbon-style tangle with us today. Not too long ago we explored her Sling-Slang tangle. Lisette is coming to CZT#32 in October and she’s very excited!

Quagga? An unusual name to be sure.

Lisette explains …

I was looking for a name beginning with “Q”. In our FB-Tangle Group we used to draw tiles from A to Z some time ago. The patterns of each tile had to begin with the same letter: A-tile, B-tile…. Z-tile. It was great fun but very challenging with the letter “Q” as there are very few Q-patterns.

Recently I came across the name Quagga which is a (unfortunately) extinct zebra who lived in South Africa. (

I think the name matches the pattern: it is round and striped.

From Wikipedia:

The quagga (Equus quagga quagga) was a plains zebra that lived in South Africa until becoming extinct late in the 19th century. It was long thought to be a distinct species, but early genetic studies have supported it to being a subspecies of plains zebra. A more recent study suggested that it was merely the southernmost ecotype of the species.

The name was derived from its call, which sounded like “kwa-ha-ha”.

Painting of a Quagga stallion in Louis XVI's menagerie at Versailles by Nicolas Maréchal, 1793.

Painting of a Quagga stallion in Louis XVI’s menagerie at Versailles by Nicolas Maréchal, 1793.

We learn the most interesting and eclectic things with our tangles!

Lisette shares several beautiful Zentangle® tiles featuring her tangle. The first features Quagga with CZT Angie Gittles’s recent Flog tangle.

Her second tile features Quagga with Diva Dance, Lace Curtains, Mooka, Lollywimple and ‘Nzeppel.

Here Lisette illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing Quagga and she features it with variations in a lovely Zentangle tile together with the Zentangle-original ‘Nzeppel.

How to draw the Zentangle pattern Quagga, tangle and deconstruction by CZT Lisette Hofer.

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Check out the tag lisetteh for more of Lisette’s tangles on

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3 comments to How to draw QUAGGA

  • I love drawing in the round and this pattern looks lovely to use in a circle, thank you very much!

  • Lisette Hofer

    THANK YOU, Ria, for your kind comment. So happy that you like QUAGGA.

  • Di Willard

    Can’t wait to try this tangle Lisette!

    Hope y’all don’t mind another tidbit on the Quagga:
    Last I knew, they (who exactly?) were working to genetically bring the Quagga back into existence. Apparently they obtained Quagga DNA and introduced it into the closest relative (presumably the Plains Zebra) and are using natural Dibreeding processes (not cloning) to “recreate” the Quagga as close as possible.

    I learned this a few years ago while visiting the Albany Historic Carousel workshop, where they were creating a full size carousel from scratch (except for the mechanism itself). All carving and painting was done by volunteers taught onsite. I believe there were two Master Carvers and a couple experienced painters that trained and did some of the finish work.

    One of the animals is a Quagga! And it’s gorgeous! Here’s a link:

    Quigga the Quagga

    The Albany Historic Carousel is a must see if you get to western Oregon. It’s in, of all places, Albany! 😉 On the I-5 corridor just south of Salem.

    Thanks for letting me share! Happy Tangling!

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