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How to draw YUM YUM

Zentangle pattern: Yum Yum. Image © Linda Farmer and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. The unauthorized pinning, reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.Hello my tangling friends!

Happy Friday, Happy Memorial Day Weekend … and Happy 50th Anniversary to my Sweetheart, Robert 🙂

Yep, today’s our 50th and we are taking a couple of days off to celebrate this very special occasion and enjoy an extra, extra long weekend – and a day or two without computers! {shocking}

Today’s cool Yum Yum tangle is from Spanish CZT Tomàs Padrós. Tomàs has lots of great tangles on the site and he promised to send me more, so stay tuned (no pressure Tomàs 😉 ) !

He writes,

Yum Yum is a tangle of the Ogee grid type. I designed Yum Yum a long time ago. It was spring 2016. I had just discovered Zentangle® as well as and I had a great time with it.

I was already fascinated with Kathy Redmond’s A-Fog when I soon discovered Helen Williams’ Leaflet. I found a link to her website and a video with a crazy variation that I fell in love with and decided to design my own Ogee grid tangle.

It occurred to me to create a zig zag in the center of each bulb and join its vertices with the closest ends. I thought the whole effect was very decorative.

Below the deconstruction I show my first drawing of Yum Yum as it is in my first sketchbook. I was amused to see that at the time I called it A-Fog variation (which also has a central zigzag) co-authored with Kathy Redmond, which indicates to what extent I considered it a source of inspiration (I didn’t remember this).

However, my proposal seemed to have its own personality and I was amused that it looked like a carnivorous plant, so I ended up calling it Yum Yum.

In the color tile I combine it, of course, with Leaflet, my other reference, and also with Diane Thai’s Lantern Pho. And I played to open the “mouth” to some Yum Yum as a joke.

Finally, I show another tile in a freer arrangement (influenced by Helen Williams). I also add some tips (see below) that I hope can be inspiring.

Be careful when drawing Yum Yum if you don’t want to lose a finger.

I’ll be the first to admit that ogee grids are a challenge for me as I can easily get the S curves a little confused and my thumb always has a hiccup to offer. After several practice runs and noting his tips below as well as reviewing my own tips for creating ogee grids from the past, I achieved an example I’m okay with but more practice is definitely in the works. In addition to enjoying his sense of humor, I’m sure you’ll enjoy exploring Tomàs’s fun Yum Yum tangle.

Tomàs illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing Yum Yum below along with “my first drawing of Yum Yum as it is in my first sketchbook“.

How to draw the Zentangle pattern Yum Yum, tangle and deconstruction by Tomàs Padrós. Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These images are for your personal offline reference only. Please feel free to refer to the images to recreate this tangle in your personal Zentangles and ZIAs. However the artist and reserve all rights to the images and they must not be publicly pinned, altered, reproduced or republished. (Small side note: if you look at the legalese in Pinterest, you are legally responsible for obtaining permission to post every photo that gets ‘Pinned’. Giving credit or sharing the source link doesn’t count.) Thank you for respecting these rights. For more information, click on the image for a discussion entitled “Artists for Respect” by several prominent artists. “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” ~ C.S. Lewis

In this illustration he gives us those tips for tangling Yum Yum.

How to draw the Zentangle pattern Yum Yum, tangle and deconstruction by Tomàs Padrós. Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

As you enjoy any of the tangles on the site, please leave a comment of thanks and encouragement to show the artists you appreciate them for sharing their creativity to inspire yours. Your thanks helps motivate them to continue to share! And please share a link to your favorite tangles on social media. Thanks!

Check out the tag tomasp for more of Tomàs’s tangles on

The history of Memorial Day - on Wikipedia


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10 comments to How to draw YUM YUM

  • Joyce Blodgett

    Happy 50th anniversary Linda and Robert! I hope you have many decades more of happy marriage ahead of you 🙂

  • Oh myyyyy … Tomàs, you’ve done it again!!! Another fun tangle, complete with tips and suggestions as well as the story behind it. 😀 Thank you!!!

    Linda & Robert, CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th wedding anniversary!! I wish you many more wonderful years together. <3

  • Lianne

    Congratulations Linda & Robert on the celebration of your 50th Anniversary. Such a rare milestone achievement these days. Here’s to many more years of happiness together.

  • Tomas Padros Cruz

    Congratulations to both. Rest and enjoy a lot! And thanks for your this post and the nice drawing you have done to illustrate Yum Yum.

  • Janette

    Happy 50th Anniversary to you and your husband! May the two of you enjoy life together for many more years!

  • LLS

    Happy 50th Anniversary! That is AMAZING! At my age, I have several families that have had the pleasure of being married 50 years. I just sent a card to a couple that celebrated 56 years together! May the Lord bless you with many more! Enjoy your Much deserved time off!

  • Deborah

    What a mind Tomas has. This one is intriguing. I will certainly be trying it. Thank you for sharing your great work.

  • Ria Matheussen

    It is already Sunday and I hope that you, Linda and Robert are having a great time. 50 years together is wonderful and must be celebrated. I wish you both still many years to go…I like the two tiles with Yum Yum very much and it is very kind of you TOmas to mention your sources of inspiration. Yum Yum is a nice addition to Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenn Brayton CZT36

    Two congrats to offer today!

    Linda – a very happy 50th anniversary! Celebrating 5 decades of love together is a milestone to be treasured <3 You two are a special couple!

    Tomas – another amazing and fantastic tangle to explore and with a very entertaining write up! Thank you for sharing this with the community <3

  • Beatrice Aronas

    Dear Linda and Robert Happy anniversary to both of you! Wishing you a wonderful celebration , peace and happiness!

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