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Tangle Refresher 49

Tangle Refresher!Has it really been two whole years since Rick and Maria introduced Mooka? I’m beginning to appreciate my late Dad’s observation, “it seems like Christmas comes round every 8 months now.” Life’s getting like that.

Mooka has certainly become one of the most popular tangles out there, along with Betweed. Something about those two tangles seems to capture everyone’s imagination — and their pens.

It’s been a quite while since I watched the Mooka video and I thoroughly enjoyed Maria’s artistry at work “live”, again. Unfurled, infurled, pods and more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Have a terrific weekend …

The Tangle Refresher series, aka Buried Treasure, highlights hidden tangle gems from the past. It can remind you of patterns you might not have used for a while or introduce you to patterns you might not have come across yet.

Here are five more tangle pattern gems and a Tangle Refresher from a year (or two) ago for your tangling pleasure. Zenful tangling!

Buried Treasure from a year ago
Zentangle pattern: MookaMooka
Zentangle pattern: PlanateenPlanateen
Zentangle pattern: TickingTicking
Zentangle pattern: VeezleyVeezley
Zentangle pattern: Looplopp, shading addedLooplopp
Revist the Tangle Refresher from a year agoTangle Refresher 21

More good stuff …

1 comment to Tangle Refresher 49

  • Linda Farmer, CZT

    If you’re among those who thought you read that Mooka was introduced a year ago, you’re right. Then I was browsing through my calendar from last year and Mooka was nowhere to be found! Turns out it was introduced 2 years ago. (Makes the whole time-flying thing even scarier.) Thought I better fess up.

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