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What is Zentangle?
Linda Farmer, Certified Zentangle Teacher


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Use this Random Tangle Selector with your TANGLE GUIDE to help you select tangles. See Pages 7 and 9 of the Guide for instructions. You can also use this to select random Strings: simply pop in any number in the range of 1 to 250.


TanglePatterns String 003 STRINGSHere’s the third String for your creative enjoyment. This one is thanks to Anne Marks and though she hasn’t shown a border, you can draw your own first if you prefer to have one and then pencil the string within it.

Generally speaking Zentangle® strings are simpler than this one, they have fewer sections.

This has a lot of sections but I thought it was a good example for pointing out you shouldn’t feel you must use a string exactly as it is. Or that you must put a different tangle in each section. That can look a bit busy and there’s nothing wrong with repeating the same tangle in more than one section, or even leaving some blank. Follow your intuition.

Bear in mind that Zentangle strings are guidelines. You can use them exactly as they are or adapt them to suit as your Zentangle grows. Start with the string as it’s shown then, as you go, combine sections if your tangles want to, or divide a section into smaller ones. Go with the flow and enjoy.

The Border is also a suggestion – use it, change it, or ignore it. It’s your art.

You can help our community’s String resource grow by sending me yours to share. Remember to keep them simple, Zentangle strings are not elaborate or complicated. For your convenience, below there’s a link to a template to use if you’d like. The template helps keep the Strings consistent in size.

TanglePatterns String 003

Right click and SAVE to your computer; then print. Pinning of any content from this site is not permitted. Thank you for respecting these rights.

Lightly pencil the string on your tile and you’re good to go tangling. Enjoy!

Reminders: Use any string over and over again with different tangles. There are so many tangles available that your Zentangles will always be different even using the same string. Or use it with only one tangle – a monotangle. Usually each string will have many options. And remember, there’s no right-side-up.

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7 comments to TanglePatterns String 003

  • Sue Zanker

    I’m fascinated by strings! Use ’em, don’t use ’em, busy or simple, blank or filled, tie yourself in knots with ’em or lose ’em completely……..what fun! I’ve been trying “variations on a theme” with my daily meditative tangles. The last few I’ve done, I just had the ‘border lightly drawn and to start tangling, I tried first of all, closing my eyes to draw a string, which actually worked quite well. Secondly, I tried with no string at all, but instead, closing my eyes with pencil in hand and just putting a dot somewhere on the square, a bit like pinning a tail on a donkey ! That worked too, as my tangle ‘grew’ from that tiny dot, outward and around, eventually covering the bordered area! I really don’t know which method I prefer, maybe it depends on how I feel that particular day! I so LOVE tangling!

  • Well,I must share I am so glad I found your site through a card blogger/Sandra..and love the education,patterns and opportunites you give. thank you…I am excited about the current already has my imagination going..I look forward to learning structure now that Iknow what I’m doing but not..heee..if that makes since.

  • Candi

    Thank you so much for making the strings dark so they can be seen ! Love the strings !!!

  • this was fun and i learned some new patterns! thanks for the challenge each week – i look forward to it 🙂

  • This is not my favorite drawing, but I still like it. I will probably come back to this string after I finish doing all of the strings in order, as is my goal.


  • Pam

    I’m so new to Zentangle (just days) that I’m beginning with early strings and the original tangle patterns. At first I was afraid to tackle this string, but after reading your comment and seeing the 3 amazing Zentangles that used this string, I can’t wait to start. Thanks to all…Gotta go now!

  • Tracy McDonald

    Welcome Pam. Have fun. It’s your time. Tracy

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