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New revised edition of AlphaTangle just released

AlphaTangle - new, revised editionGood News! Sandy Bartholomew’s teeny-tiny AlphaTangle – A Totally Tangled Alphabethas just been republished by Suzanne McNeill’s Design Originals publishing company, and it’s now available for purchase. It’s a fun “new and improved, revised and updated” edition.

There are several updates to the new edition, starting with its slightly larger physical dimensions, 4 5/8 x 5 1/2-inches, and a newly designed cover.

Sandy has added a list of basic supplies and simple steps for getting started, along with a few drawing tips and 6 pattern mini-how-to’s: Nightsbridge, Keeko, Pearlz, Printemps, Hollibaugh and Ennies.

The rest of the charmingly tangled alphabet content is identical to Sandy’s original self-published first edition, with 77 of the original 102 official Zentangle® patterns. (See my review of the first edition here for more details.)

It’s no secret that I have a “thing” about people using correct terminology about Zentangle®. So I really like that Sandy points out some tangle lingo in her effort to help Zentangle Zealots keep their terms straight:

TIP: Zentangle is a noun, not a verb.

Don’t say “I Zentangled my bathroom floor.”

Say “I tangled my bathroom floor.”

Other things to say:

“I need to create a Zentangle, right now!”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was busy tangling.”

If you’re looking for tangle pattern drawing instructions, AlphaTangle isn’t it. (TanglePatterns.com is!)

But this is one book that every fan should have in their library because it illustrates many official Zentangle® patterns in a very delightful way. And it’s perfect for tucking in a pocket or bag to carry around with you for inspiration when you “Need to create a Zentangle, right now!”

You can get AlphaTangle – A Totally Tangled Alphabet for your library now on Amazon, here.

For Your Complete Zentangle Library

See BOOK REVIEWS for details on any of these great Zentangle® books.

5 comments to New revised edition of AlphaTangle just released

  • Martha Moore

    According to Amazon, the book is unavailable. Maybe it will be available later this month?

    • Linda Farmer

      It “should” be available now (!) Sigh. Apparently Amazon or Suzanne’s company hasn’t quite got it set up yet, so I suggest you all wait a day or so and check again. Sorry for the hassle, it was available first thing this morning so I’m as confused as you all are.
      Let’s all take a deep breath …. whew, I needed that. 🙂

  • Joan

    Being new to the Zentangle method, I wonder which of the Fabriano papers to order? Which type of paper? What weight? What surface? Cold Press, Hot Press? What paper is most popular with Tanglers?

    Thanks for your input.


    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Joan, the best paper to use is the official Zentangle tiles which you can order from Rick and Maria’s website. If you order the official kit (well worth the cost) a small supply is included in it, or you can order just the tiles on their own. Do yourself a favor and try those, especially if you intend to preserve your creations.

      In her reply in the comments on “Adding Color to Your Zentangles“, Marie Browning also recommends good quality hot press watercolor paper. I have not tried that myself yet.

  • andrea

    just went on amazon (6:22 pm est april 9th) and said not available 🙁 i guess i’ll wait till next week and ck again…

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