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Linda Farmer, Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT#7)Zentangle® is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns we call tangles.

Greetings! I’m Linda Farmer, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT®). was created over a decade ago in May of 2010 to serve and network the Zentangle community with new tangles and great creative resources.

A very warm welcome to you, you are certainly among friends. Tanglers are a wonderful, generous and sharing community. I hope you enjoy the site and are inspired by the tangles and many useful resources you find here. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments on any page and join in the community.

My name (Linda) in a Zentangle®, using tangles with names starting with the letters of my name. Click this Zentangle to learn more.In my view, Zentangle has changed the landscape of the art world by making it inclusive for anyone who can pick up a pen to experience the personal joy of creativity and artful self expression.

ABOUT ZENTANGLE: For a Zentangle jump-start I highly recommend this excellent free video series for beginners by Zentangle founders Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, it guides you through the basics of the Zentangle Method™ while you tangle and learn at the same time.

If you are new to the Zentangle art form, I suggest first you visit the ZENTANGLES > WHAT IS A ZENTANGLE page on the menu bar at the top of every page to get an idea of the focus of TanglePatterns.

HOW TO NAVIGATE THIS SITE: Over the years has grown considerably and at first glance can look overwhelming. But fear not! Visit the ABOUT > HOW TO USE THIS SITE page on the top menu bar for an excellent video tutorial showing how to use the site as well as pointing out lots of useful features.

Here’s another resource that’s handy for newcomers — Exploring TanglePatterns. Be sure to check out the rest of the pages on the top menu bar — there’s a wealth of information there you’ll want to see.  Also, don’t miss the TUTORIALS tab on the pink alphabetic tangles menu bar.

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Have a good look around, there are lots of great tangles here … and … happy tangling!


Zentangle Primer Volume 1The fabulous hardcover, and now softcover or digital ebook by Zentangle’s co-founders, Zentangle PRIMER Vol 1.

“Absolutely the best Zentangle Book yet! As an accomplished artist I used to think I did not need instruction on this art form. How wrong I was! My tangling improved by leaps and bounds after reading this book.

If you think you have Zentangle down then you need this book more than ever!” ~ Kris H


72 comments to Announcement: Join TanglePatterns

  • Amy Schultz

    I have always added patterns to my art. I teach 3-D drawing to my middle school students and Zentangles are a perfect combination. I am hooked-so much fun to be just drawing for me this summer and with them when school starts!

  • Linda Farmer

    Welcome, Amy. How nice to have time to draw for yourself, and you should be fully armed by the time school starts again. If you come up with patterns or variations, be sure to let us know! Enjoy your summer, tangling …

  • I just recently started to do Zentangles, and I love this site, such a wonderful resource of patterns for the beginner such as me. Thank you so much for sharing !

    • Linda Farmer

      Welcome Brigitte, thanks for visiting and I’m pleased you love the site. If you haven’t already, please sign up for an email subscription to get notices of new posts.

      Zentangles are highly addictive, in a very good way. I do recommend Sandy Bartholomew’s book Totally Tangled, it’s a great resource too and many of the patterns do not have instructions on the internet (yet). Suzanne McNeill’s new book Zentangle 3 also has dozens of new patterns to add to your collection. Happy tangling!

  • Pamelyn

    Am totally addicted to zentangling. Love, love. love your site. Thanx so much for making it. It is such a terrific resource for me.

  • Love this site! Addicted like all the rest! I turned my 13 yr old niece on to it this summer and am amazed at how she’s taken to it.

    I know it would be tricky but it would be great if the rotating images at the top of the page could be linked to the instructions about each pattern. Or at a minimum,if the name would be visible when hovered over with a mouse.

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks! Glad you love the site. You’re right about it being tricky to link the images to the instructions – in fact, it’s too tricky to be done and the reason I didn’t do it when I started the site. The pattern names are all directly below each image, so hovering with a mouse isn’t necessary. By clicking the alphabetic link for the pattern you’re interested in you get to see lots more patterns you might not have noticed otherwise! Enjoy and welcome.

  • Wow, thanks again for putting together this wonderful resource! I’ve spent the past few days dealing with some very stressful junk – legal stuff related to my uncle’s passing. In between, I started going through the list of patterns alphabetically and just drawing each one into a little reference notebook. How relaxing. The site is so well-organized and easy on the eyes! Thanks again for your efforts here!

  • Terry

    I tried to read through your copyright information – it is very informative, but I’m not a lawyer :o)
    My only question is simply – if I use any Zentangle pattern encorporated in my art (i.e. not by itself) do I 1. have to name the person/patterns I used and 2. if I do happen to sell something that has some Zentangle work in it, or is made of all Zentangle patterns, am I responsible to name all the people/patterns I used? I am in an Altered Art group and we are very careful about naming creators of patterns, etc. We are also getting hooked on Zentangle, so if we incorporate any of your patterns will we be in trouble? Sorry for the long question, but I need to know before I go further and join your site.
    I absolutley love it all and have “Totally Tangled”, but crave more! I’m sure you’ve answered this many times, but it is still confusing. Thanks for a great tangle site!

  • hi linda! I’m in an online AlphabeThursday blog series, and will be making my own tangles throughout the alphabet, to learn different patterns. I’m writing this week T is for Tangle, explaining this site, and would love to add one of your Tangles in my post. I am directed people here, to sign up and get their own, if they want. {:-Deb

  • Debbie

    Hi hi hi!!! Again thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful informative site!! I find myself curious as to what everyone carries their “tangles” in while out and about. I have bought some plain/blank 3×5 to use. I’ve made a ‘book’ of sorts. Used card stock for the cover and back, punched holes in say 25 3×5 cards added some ring binders and I’m good to go! I haven’t taken it with me yet, only because I’m afraid if I put it in my purse/bag, the pages might get bent or wrinkled, and after I worked so hard on my ‘tangles’ I surely don’t want them bent or worse yet,tore! Which brings me to wonder what ‘tangle carry all’ do you use? Thanks again so much!! ~Debbie

    • I buy a wire-bound notebook from the art supply store — Sketch by Strathmore is nice paper and not expensive. I have a notebook that’s 3.5″ X 5″, perfect to carry around in my purse, and it doesn’t get banged up. I also bought a 8.5″ by 11″ wire-bound pad of Sketching paper, 60 lb, by Discovery Art Products, as I’m ready to try Zentangles on big sheets, but want something I can then easily reproduce onto card stock in a copy machine for multiples of my designs. I will then offer them as a coloring book!

  • Dawn

    Hi Debbie,

    I love carrying my supplies with me. People will be amazed at the work you do.

    I had an unused cosmetic bag laying around. (You could also use one of those pencil pouches that go in a 3-ring binder; they are sometimes at dollar stores.) It allows me to take my pattern book with step-by-step tangle patterns and a small book for creating designs. Both books are about 3.5 x 5.5 inch in size. I also carry 4 pens and a pencil. I currently use the black in 3 sizes (01, 03, 05) and will be getting a set of 01 pens in color. I can’t wait to start doing tangles in color!!

  • I’ve always been a big doodler, especially in meetings or on the phone. I wondered how “patterns” were put together on other artwork I’ve seen and how to incorporate that into my sketching or collages. I found your site through an artist on the Strathmore Workshop website and now I’m hooked! This is so much fun, although my tangles do not look too good yet.

  • Wanted you to know I posted a link to your site today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward

  • I was introduced to Zentangles as a way to meditate/ clear the mind. I love the way these wonderful visual exercises always bring me to a quiet, peaceful place.
    An artist friend got me hooked on zentangles by just demonstrating one or two pattern and an unfinished suggestion for making borders.
    I have been creating some very interesting patterns, BUT would never think of copying someone else’s
    patterns. This web site quite honestly shook my sense of what zentangles are meant to be and do. For me, trying to copy an exact image would create a lot of thought and end my Zen moment. Should one’s patterns not be simpley generate from “doodled lines” and mindless placing of pen to paper? The outcome is always unique and a pleasant surprise for me.
    Sorry, copying a preconceived pattern is just not my approach. I am going to close my eyes and keep the creative juices flowing on my own.

  • Hey Linda,
    Hope you are 100% better now.
    Just noticed your tag cloud is missing from the side of your blog. Not sure it you knew or not (was trying to find something lol)
    Sydney Australia.

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks Deanne, yep I’m 100% now – for whatever good that does me 😉
      And thanks for the heads up on the tag cloud – it’s gone missing of its own accord a few times lately and I have no clue why.

  • Mavi

    I will like to join. I found zentangle so cool! I would like to know where to start. It is a lot of information. Please mentor me in this new journey called Zentangle artist…lol! Thanks, Mavi

    • Linda Farmer

      Welcome Mavi, everything you need to know is here on the site so enjoy having a look around. Here’s a good place to start: Be sure to read the comments on the pages you visit, everyone shares their knowledge and experiences in them and you’ll learn a lot there too. You can also check to see if there’s a CZT located near you and sign up for a class. Cheers and happy tangling!

  • Pamelyn

    This is such a terrific site. I use it all the time. So worth $10 a year. Hopefully you will get all you need and more. Love tangling!
    Pamelyn in Omaha

  • Jay

    I have been tangling for about eight months and am addicted!! I just discovered your website and want to thank you for compiling all the tangles here!!!! I would like to post your site on my blog and in my guild newsletter for all my fellow “zens” to be able to use if that is ok with you.

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Jay, so glad you enjoy tangling – it’s a good addiction. You are most welcome to link to TanglePatterns on your blog, and share the link with your guild newsletter. I’d love to get a copy of your newsletter if you’d care to add me to your list. Thanks, Linda

  • leslie

    Hi Linda. I love tangling and your site! I recently (last week) donated to the site because of all your hard work and . . . or course I want your awesome new tangle patterns guide. Will I be getting one. You can contact me at my email if you would like. thanks again.

    Leslie W.

  • Hi Linda, I have recently started taking Zentangle classes with Shawn Hayden CZT here in South Florida. I love the relaxation and creative aspects ~ living all my life as a totally non-creative person. Your site is wonderful and is such a help, inspiration and source and I am so grateful for your efforts and generosity of heart in maintaining the site. i’ve just sent in my donation and am excited about receiving the 2012 Guide (also a big undertaking!). It’s been a big help receiving the emails with new information and patterns as well. I’m so happy to be a part of the Zentangle Community.
    Best, Paula Devi

  • Wasn’t sure where to write this but thought you, and your followers might like this: Zentangle artwork by 4th graders that is fantastic! Using a Cezanne painting as a starting point.-

  • gail

    I am a newbie to this site and would first like to know how to ask a question? I am registered with Feedburner?
    I would like to ask if anyone has Windows 7 and how I would copy patterns from the website onto squares of card stock (cut into 3″ squares or close to that(so I don’t need my reading glasses to see them)I would like to keep these tiles with me in my small art case so that when I am waiting places I can draw!
    thanks in advance for any advice.

  • nel

    et voilà j’ai trouvé le traducteur et je peux mieux comprendre

  • Hi Linda, I have subscribed to your newsletter, made an annual contribution, and received your Tangle Patterns pdg file. I am tangling a whoooooole bunch every day. I have the luxury of doing that as I’m retired! I love your site, have downloaded your pages that do 2 on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, copied them on card stock, and so far, have learned about 25 tangles. I’m taking a class next Tuesday from a CZT (Carol Bochner) who lives 100 miles from me; and I’m very excited. I’ve uploaded 5-6 pieces onto the flickr website, and some of them I actually even like. (I’ve done 40-50 of them but only upload the best). I hope you keep this site up; and when you do a new pattern guide, I will get that one too! I don’t have a kit yet, because I want to get it next week from my teacher and support her business, so my paper isn’t right; but the pens are pretty ok. However, my .01 micron has already run out of ink, lol! I don’t even know if you will see this; but just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are willing to take the time to keep this site up for all of us who are (or becoming) addicted to tangles, in whatever form. Hugs; Linda

    • Linda Farmer

      Welcome and many thanks for your comments and support, Linda. I’m sure you’re going to LOVE your class with Carolyn! Worth traveling 100 miles for.

  • Betty

    I love your site. I am trying to learn Zentangles on my own and your site is my resource for practicing patterns. Have you ever thought of adding a “random” button to your site? I think it would be great for when someone cannot decide which tangle to use next.

  • Georgina

    I am learning – and addidcted ! love what you offer.
    great !

  • Deb

    I just had to thank you for putting this site together. I have already ordered
    2 of your Tangle Patterns PDF & have recommended your site to others.
    Ok so there’s only one problem…. I CAN’T STOP TANGLING!! I mean it,
    Its like some serious addiction, & I just want to keep trying new tangles.
    I think there will be a serious need of ZTA. Zentangle anonymous lol!
    Your hard work and dedication has blessed so many.
    I just wish we had more ZTs in the Pacific Northwest.
    Happy Tangling my friend!????

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks, Deb! I think you’d have quite a few takers for Zentangle Anonymous 🙂

    • Hi Deb,
      Just read your comment. Where in the Pacific Northwest are you located. Maybe we are neighbors, lol. I live in Maple Valley, a suburb of Seattle in King County, Washington. I’m going to CZT training in September and can hardly wait so I can teach this wonderfully addictive art form.

  • Sue-on-the-farm

    I’m heading into winter hibernation [the thermometer hit -20 this week so I’m in the house now til spring] and net-surfin’ for something to do.

    Well. … … this site will keep me busy this winter. I’m shocked to discover that there are NO CZedT’s in Manitoba, the closest are a couple in Saskatoon. So no official classes por moi.

    Have some of the books on my Santa list, just got my micron pens and I have a gazillion different note/sketch/watercolour books laying around so I’m set.

    Thank you ever so much for putting up and maintaining this site. It’s much appreciated.

    My rural internet collection doesn’t like your animated banner though. How much of a donation would it take to have the option to turn the animation off per individual user/visit?

    Don’t want it [animation] to go away completely, it saved my bacon today. I had a tangle half-learned, walked away to watch Survivor and of course the ‘puter crashed while I was away.

    I hadn’t written the name of the tangle down. Sandy Beez’s description that stuck in my head, eggs & sperm or caviar didn’t help me find ENNIES. I just sat and watched the banner loop ’til it appeared. [I really don’t get “ennies”]

    so, ya, just sending good thoughts and warm feelings atchya thru the ether and electrons.


  • Heather Harris

    Here is an idea when you cannot think what pattern to use. Take the initials of your first, middle, last name (or of someone you love–grandchild/husband/aunt, etc.) and find a pattern that starts with that letter. That way, it’s random, but personalized as well! Three patterns to a Zentangle can be quite interesting! Go forth and enjoy! HWH

  • Terri

    Hi Linda,
    Just supported you site and received the Tangle Guide 2013. I love all the patterns and strings. What a great way to relax after a long day at work. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have just purchased your tangle Pattern Guide!! Great job!! :))

  • Naomi

    I’d love to join. I do pottery and have found that I do some sort of zentangle even without knowing there was a name for it. This has opened up a whole new world to me and I think I’ve got my work cut out for me for a long time.

  • Laura

    I want to thank you for your informational e-books as well as your website. I look forward to seeing and exploring your emails each time they come. There is so much information here! I spread the word to anyone interested to check this website out. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  • Judy Lisette Martin

    I just love Heather’s idea – I’d tried using my initials to create a tangle, as one book suggested , but they didn’t want to come out to play! This idea is far more creative, with far more alternatives for many tiles to come.

    By the way, why when one tries to find tiles to buy, are they 4 1/2 ” square or 6″ square instead of the standard size? They seem absolutely huge, and send me back to books of paper to cut up, which don’t have the lovely curved corners.

    However,I’ve got a 2″ square &1″ square cutting stamp I bought for card-making, which make nice sizes for sample tangles on good paper, so think I ‘all have to try to find a three and a half inch one.

  • Laurine

    Hi Linda!

    I am new to Zentagle and like everyone I love it!!! It is amazing how much it helps me relax and takes me away from the stress. I haven’t yet begun to discover all the wonders of you site, but I love and appreciate everything you have worked hard on to have this available for us eager Tanglers!!

  • Cookie

    I look forward to getting updated emails on new tangle patterns coming out. Seems I quieted down, but I’m on the site almost every day. I’m keeping up more than you think.

  • Annette Carlo

    Hi Linda!! I don’t always have the time to leave you messages, but I just want to say, THANK YOU!!! Your website is the easiest and the best way to get the most recent and amazing tangles! When introducing people to Zentangle, I always refer them to Rick and Maria’s site and then yours!! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!! You’re appreciated! :0) Annette

  • Lyn Morris

    I’m new to Zentangle but have always loved drawing. Combining the two things allows me to experiment without feeling I have to ‘produce something’. The enjoyment is in the act of tangling.
    It is relaxing and it is easy to produce something new and exiting. Ideas just flow and drawings change and evolve into something unplanned and sometimes delightful. I drew a quick cat string, tangled it and discovered a little character emerging. I’m now thinking of scanning him and turning him into a j.peg to send away to make Christmas cards – a bit of glitter and some spangles and something unique is made!
    Thanks for inspiring and relaxing me. 🙂 Lyn

  • Roselynn

    Hello! I am new to zentangle, and am finding great inspiration on this site!
    An a similar note, In the advent season, I created a pattern advent calendar for one of my aunts, who Is also intrested in zentangle.
    Would it be possible to submit some of the more interesting patterns I made for others on this site?

  • May Loo

    I’m in Canada. Recently, I used your tangles in my current altered book and artist trading cards. I bought Sandy Bartholomew’s Totally Tangled on my last trip to Michael’s. It’a wonderful book for a beginner like me. I told a friend about your site and I think she’s even more enthusiastic about getting your daily (?) tangles than I am.

  • Kim Campfield

    I am new to this wonderful new Art. Would love to learn so much more and learn how to master the patterns.


  • Alicia

    Hi Linda!I love zentangle.I started few month ago..It is addictive!..Thank you for sharing!

  • Diana Smith

    Days of retirement can sometimes become very long but NOT WITH ZENTANGLES and your site! Thank you…..

  • Hi Linda, I am a new tangler and am getting so much help from your site. Thanks so much!

    Nicky in Sonora, CA

  • Lauri

    Hi Linda! Thanks so much for this wonderful website! I finally decided to get in on tangling a week ago, and I’m already hooked. You helped me keep my sanity during my first jury duty today! I sat around at the courthouse from 9:30 am until nearly 5 pm, waiting to see if I would have to serve for the case I was assigned to. Thankfully they didn’t pick me to stay, and I came home with some fun tangles!

  • JJJ

    Hello, Linda.
    Thanks for immense amount of work you’ve put into this site.
    I’ve recently been possessed by a tingling for tangling and rely almost exclusively on the resources and links found here to learn the patterns. I also design quilts for my wife and can see some hybridization in our future.
    Thanks again.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi JJ, many thanks for your compliments, “a tingling for tangling”, I like that! It’s always great when the male tanglers in the community speak up and make themselves known. TanglePatterns has been my life for six years and we’re celebrating its 6th Tangleversary this Wednesday, May 4th. As you may know many quilters are Zentangle® fans and there are a few excellent Zentangle-Quilting related books you might like to check out on the BOOK REVIEWS tab: Zen Quilting Workbook, Zen-Sational Stitches for Quilting, and Zentangle Stitches. Hybridizing could open a whole new quilting vista for both of you. Enjoy!

  • Stephanie Schneiderman

    I love tangling and your site. I am obsessed. Thank you so much for the wonderful website and newsletter.


    I can’t find where the patterns are listed alphabetically anymore. Every link I click takes me to Google adds Never what actually clicked on. What happened!? The other site was so simple and easy to use. I can’t fine what I am looking for anymore.

  • Martha

    3/3 beautiful! Thank you to all.

  • Vicki Call

    No need to spend money on more tangle books. This site has more than I can ever use. I can’t wait to get started.

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