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How to draw TA-DA

Zentangle pattern: Ta-da. Image © Linda Farmer and TanglePatterTa-da is a great new tangle from Australian Margaret McKerihan, who has also shared her Xplode tangle with us.

Margaret writes that she was freehand tangling in a large journal and — Ta-da — discovered she’d come up with this tangle.

Ta-da is so easy and yet challenging too. It’s great for focusing on taking your time to make deliberate aura strokes and for making “round and beautiful” orbs.

Zentangle pattern: Ta-da. Image © Linda Farmer and TanglePatterIt can be drawn on a grid as Margaret shows in her Zentangle® tile below but for its full potential as you’ll see from her masterful white-on-black journal pages, you can use it in a freeform fashion, and also grid-like without drawing the actual grid. I think this one can keep you occupied all weekend exploring variations. For this example I used the “S” shapes Margaret shows in her second ZIA below. I think a little sparkle would have improved this one.

Margaret illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing Ta-da here and demonstrates several versions in a beautiful monotangle Zentangle tile.

Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. Republishing or redistributing pattern deconstructions in any form is prohibited under law without express permission of the copyright owner. Click the image for an article explaining copyright in plain English.

Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. Republishing or redistributing pattern deconstructions in any form is prohibited under law without express permission of the copyright owner. Click the image for an article explaining copyright in plain English.

This is Margaret’s beautiful ZIA with Ta-da in a random freeform style, which creates an interesting sense of movement.

Margaret McKerihan's ZIA featuring Ta-da

And this is Margaret’s ZIA with Ta-da done in a grid fashion, but without actually first drawing a grid. The way she has placed her color strokes makes for a very pretty flowing effect.

Margaret McKerihan's ZIA featuring Ta-da

Check out the tag margaretm for more of Margaret’s tangles on


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24 comments to How to draw TA-DA

  • This is a beautiful pattern and doesn’t look too difficult. Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you so much for your fabulous website, Linda.

  • This is a wonderful pattern, and even before I scrolled down, I just knew it would be a winner on black! Wow!

  • Joyce

    This is soooo BEAUTIFUL! I love the way the pattern flows, and in Margaret’s two drawings using light-colored gel pens on darker paper, the centers seem to glow where they come together. I have to do this one immediately–don’t want to lose any time getting this into my repertoire!

  • David Rae

    A beauty Margaret! Well done.

  • Tracy McDonald

    That is so delicately beautiful ! I was looking at the first one so long that 10 min. went by before I came out of a state of being mesmerized. Then I saw the colored one… away I went again, my eyes floating along the lines and into the next swirl. Bye, bye! I’m off to “float” some more!

  • Sara Brandli

    has the wow factor. reminds me of fine strands of silk. definitely all class, just looks so inviting, I’m off to try it out.

  • Isaura Flores Mashiko

    It is so nice!! And how many patterns and effects can be strocked. Thank you!

  • Nancy Pearson

    Oh Margaret! I love the variations of your TA-da. I have a busy Saturday with a fun family picnic in the canyon but I am absolutely working on this today. And, your two ZIA drawings on the black paper are truely worthy of the name . . . TA-DA !!!

    Once again, and as always, thank you Linda for all you have done in developing and maintaining this fabulous website. If it were not for you we would not even be aware of the beautiful works of Margaret and the countless others you have showcased here. You have given us a place to learn and enjoy and appreciate an art form that is so beautiful to the eye, reflective to the soul and healing to the heart. Thank you. Nancy.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Thanks so much, Nancy, I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. And you have so perfectly summed up the essence of the wonderful Zentangle® art form. Cheers!

  • Paula Commander

    Well, so far I haven’t seen anything I didn’t like. This is like a whole new world for me and very inspirational. Even though my drawings don’t come out as well as the pros, I want to say TA-DA because they’re so enjoyable.

    Thank you again.


  • Nancy

    I absolutely love this tangle, especially with the faint coloring which I’m assuming is colored pencil. I am definitely going to try to practice.

  • Margaret

    Thanks so much Linda, and everyone, for your wonderful comments about Ta-da! I’ve been thrilled with its reception, and with how often I’ve already seen it ‘in the wild’ in tiles that have been shared over various social media. The feedback actually makes me want to explore with it even more! :))

  • Melena


    I have to add my 2 cents worth in here too. I first worked it out in my sketch book and it was so much fun. So I got out my Black and Purple micron pens and did a monotangle ZIA on a white tile. It ended up being a bit of a variation but that’s how we do our own creations, right? 😉 It was so much fun. Now to draw it on a black tile.

  • I am still tangling with Ta-Da since it was introduced here and am completely mesmerized by it. I’ve done several on a black tile, too, and love it.

  • Sharon Wrench


    I absolutely love your pattern! I also love the name Ta-da as I am always saying that. This is one I won’t say “what is the name of that pattern?” Thank you for sharing!

  • Noelene

    Oh Margaret, what can I say, absolutely stunning, a design that makes you want to fall into it. Look forward to trying to create the beautiful illusion you have. Love it. Thanks

  • Susie Achter

    Stunning on the black paper. Thank you for sharing.

  • Win Fuller

    I love this tangle……so many possibilities! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent.

  • Margaret

    So wonderful that you’re all enjoying this tangle so much! Makes me big-smile! Thanks again for such wonderful sharing about how you’ve been using and experiencing Ta-Da.

    Also, Nancy I didn’t use any pencil on these, the effect is all from the pen strokes of the Uniball Signo metallic pens I used.

    And, in my metallic-on-black examples, the reason mine look like S shapes (as Linda noted in her second example) are that the open ends of the Xs are joined when drawn in a grid. So, the top right stroke of the X is connected to the bottom left stroke of the X in the diagonal grid above. So one can draw S shaped lines to form this effect, or simply join the open ends of the X’s when done in grid form, (even if it’s a more freestyle grid). Either way! Neat huh.

  • Wow, glad to have found this one! Nancy

  • I discoverd recently this beautiful pattern, thank you for sharing.

  • Kristen Nesbitt


  • Jan Brandt, CZT 12

    Although I discovered this tangle a while back, I see that I didn’t leave a comment. I absolutely LOVE this tangle and have drawn it many times, including just now in a triangle grid. It’s so versatile, easy and very compelling. My favorite kind of tangle!! Thank you, Margaret! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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