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Email and RSS Subscription changes at TanglePatterns

TanglePatterns housekeepingHousekeeping Notice! This week I’ve made some major changes to the services that send out email newsletters to TanglePatterns subscribers and those who subscribe to the site by RSS in a feed reader. Your email will look different!

This is a major move from one service provider to another and although I’m reasonably sure the transition is taking place smoothly, if you notice irregularities please be patient while I sort out all the bits that need to be fine-tuned.

Google Feedburner was a free service that has recently become very baulky about sending out the email newsletter and Google no longer supports the service. Which means if you have problems forget getting any help, and I became nervous that the service could disappear altogether without any notice.

For this reason I’ve moved everyone to the premium FeedBlitz service. I will confess that despite the best efforts of the friendly folk at FeedBlitz, I’m not sure I’ve done everything I need to. I guess I’ll find out!

What I do know is this. If you have been receiving the email newsletters already, you should not have to do anything and you will continue to receive them. They will look a little different and they might arrive at a different time of day than you have been used to, but you will receive them.

You might want to add the subscription service’s address to your whitelist to make sure the email isn’t blocked by your spam filter.

In some cases, depending on how you subscribed, you may receive an email from FeedBlitz asking you to confirm your subscription, and this is not spam. If you wish to continue receiving TanglePatterns news and updates, please confirm as requested.

If you did not receive your usual email notice (for example you did not receive a notice about this post) and you want to be totally sure you continue to receive the TanglePatterns email newsletters, you can use the signup box at the top right of any page – shown in the image below – to sign up with the new service.

Subscribe box located at the top right of every page

In the unlikely event that you end up with two email notices, simply use the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of one of those emails.

If you subscribe to the RSS Feed, you will need to update your RSS reader with the new TanglePatterns feed address:

In some cases you may receive an alert in your Reader to update your subscription. If you don’t update your RSS reader, you will not receive the new updates.

Thanks so much for your patience during this transition!




3 comments to Email and RSS Subscription changes at TanglePatterns

  • Linda, congrats for making the move. I’ll be curious going forward how you like the new service. I’ve been researching alternative options to Feedburner for clients and myself and its good to see a move in action, so to peak.

    That said, I’ve seen some small changes in the way your notifications in the RSS feed and also the blog email subscription notifications. It was good that you or Feedblitz had a “we’ve moved” notice above the feedi was pulling in via Feedburner, as it was a good nudge to update the feed address in Feedly, which is how I mostly read the blogs I follow. Then I simply went to my settings, removed the old subscription, then copied the new feed address and searched/added it back in to Feedly.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful for anyone using Feedly at least, tho the process should be similar in another feed reader app or program.

    Cheers, Sadelle, CZT#7

  • Margaret Davidson

    How do I continue getting your art work?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Margaret, there’s a subscription form on every page at the top right, look for the heading NEVER MISS A PATTERN. After you enter your email you will receive an email that you must respond to – this is to ensure that your email address wasn’t used by someone else to sign you up. Once you confirm that you personally signed up, you’re good to go.

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