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Tangle Refresher 40

Tangle Refresher!

Only 2 weeks remaining in 2012 and yet there’s a lot of celebrating and reflecting to pack into that brief period of time. This is my baking weekend to get ready for the fast-approaching holidays and since we don’t usually eat much in the way of sweets I try not to get too carried away. We do have a couple of can’t-have-Christmas-without staples: Shortbread Bars I adapted for the food processor from my Mom’s traditional Shortbread Cookie recipe, and a Stilton Cheese Spread that’s simple and amazing.

I realize this is way off topic but since I’ve got my weekend’s activities on my mind right now as I’m putting together my shopping list, I’m curious to know what special culinary treats are indispensable to your family holiday traditions.

What special cookies/biscuits, sweets, savories, and/or libations do you especially look forward to at Christmas?

Care to share in the comments so we can enjoy in our imaginations and get some inspiration too? Thanks, and enjoy your weekend with time out for a little tangling.

* * *

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8 comments to Tangle Refresher 40

  • Barb S

    Our Christmas favourite is a steamed fruit pudding that my Mum always made at Christmas. Now my husband has taken on the responsibility for it, and it is much in demand for any potluck dinners or Mid-winter Christmas parties that we might be part of (I’m in New Zealand and it’s Summer here for Christmas of course). It is a very simple recipe of melted butter, flour, egg, spice and mixed fruit that is left to stand overnight then steamed for 3 hours. Delicious!

  • Mary

    My sister and I always make our great-grandmother’s fruitcake. We only share it with people who appreciate good fruitcake!

  • Tracy

    Love,love,love Stilton cheese!!! Mind sharing your special recipe? Love a fellow Floridian 🙂

  • My kiddo’s (16 & 14) still ask for haystacks. So at least one batch every Christmas holiday.

  • Karen Wilson

    A lot of baking going on here as we are hosting a part for about 50 people tomorrow. For Christmas Day nibbles Imust have my sister’s shrimp spread and my mil’s “Munch” a nuts & bolts kind of thing. Christmas Day itself will find my sister and I both making my mother’s tea biscuits to put on the dinner table.

  • Wendy Scott

    We can not go without Pecan soup and pecan pie. My grandmother made the best pecan pie around and with every bite I remember all the wonderful crafts she taught me. My husband and I won’t be together for Christmas this year so we’re making tonight our pecan night.

  • Carol Cripps

    Our Mum’s shortbread is a must, of course, made now by my youngest sister, and I do gingerbread, a cheeseball, and usually a couple others. My sister’s do other biscuits,like millionaire’s shortbread, with layers of caramel and chocolate, or white chocolate and macadamia nut.Butter tarts are also a must. It’s a good thing we have a large family to eat all those goodies.

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