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What is Zentangle?
Linda Farmer, Certified Zentangle Teacher


All contents of this website are Copyright © 2010 - 2023 Linda Farmer,, and artists where named. Copying content in any form other than for your own personal offline reference and inspiration is expressly prohibited. No content may be reproduced, pinned or republished without express written permission. This work is not allowed to be used in training AI systems. Commercial use of any content is prohibited. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Use this Random Tangle Selector with your TANGLE GUIDE to help you select tangles. See Pages 7 and 9 of the Guide for instructions. You can also use this to select random Strings: simply pop in any number in the range of 1 to 250.



Downloads BEGINNER’S GUIDE to Zentangle® eBook is now available! Visit the STORE > E-BOOKS tab for more details.

Prompted by ideas from folks who are sharing their organizing systems on the Organize Your Patterns page, I’ve added this page of free downloadable PDF templates to for your use.

Right-click the links to download the PDF.

All templates have a place to write in the tangle name and to record the name of the person who deconstructed the steps for that tangle.

Note: If you use these templates to post your own patterns online, PLEASE be sure the patterns are tangles and not doodles. (See “A pattern is not always a tangle“.)

  • tangles are abstract
  • tangles are not an image of some recognizable thing
  • tangles need to be simple enough to do without a preprinted grid, pencil guidelines, or erased pencil lines
  • tangles have no up or down orientation – there’s no right side up to a tangle
  • tangles are simple, repetitive (all over) structured patterns created with at most 2 or 3 simple repeated elemental strokes

Template to Submit Your Pattern

  1. The information for submitting your pattern for consideration for publication on is explained in detail on the SUBMIT YOUR PATTERN tab on the top menu bar. Please read that page.
  2. Please use this PDF to draw the steps: TanglePatterns Tangle Submission >> right click to save/download PDF.

Blank Tangle Pattern Templates

  1. 4″ x 6″ index card – print this template on blank index cards.
  2. 8.5″ x 11″ page – for those who like to organize in 3-ring binders. This page is similar to the card and also has the 3.5″ x 3.5″ tile outline to use the pattern along with some others in a Zentangle®.
  3. 5.5″ x 8.5″ – for smaller 3-ring binders. Same as #2 but half page size.
  4. 5.5. x 8.5″ 2up – same as #3 but there are 2 on one page. Print on an 8.5″ x 11″ letter sheet, then cut it in half to get 2 pages.


  1. A6 index card – print this template on blank A6 index cards.
  2. A4 page – for those who like to organize in 3-ring binders. This page is similar to the card and also has the 9 cm x 9 cm tile outline to use the pattern along with some others in a Zentangle®.
  3. A5 – for smaller 3-ring binders. Same as #2 but A5 (half A4) page size.
  4. A5 2up – same as #3 but there are 2 on one page. Print on an A4 sheet, then cut it in half to get 2 pages.

Copyright Issues You Should Know

With so many new people joining the ranks of the Zentangle® Zealots, the inevitable enthusiasm is beginning to raise questions about the fair use of tangle patterns in art for sale, as well as create some outright copyright infringement issues. It’s time to address this important topic so we’re all on the same page. Please read this article.

Indispensable for your library: every artist should have this FREE eBook on copyright written for crafters and artists from Interweave Publications:

Support TanglePatterns

TanglePatterns exists to support your love of tangle patterns. I know the time and effort I devote to searching for Zentangle® patterns (so you don’t have to), providing links to pattern instructions, keeping you up-to-date with related videos, book reviews and news, and creating the free downloads on this site frees up your valuable time to spend the way you want – drawing Zentangles® = Tangling!

Please consider a contribution to help keep the site running. Your contribution will help fund continued site development.

Here’s How: visit the SUPPORT TANGLEPATTERNS page for more information.

Thank you and happy tangling!


Enhance your Zentangle experience while supporting TanglePatterns:

CURRENT EDITION! TANGLE GUIDE, 2024 Edition TANGLE GUIDE, 2024 Edition The 13th Edition of the TANGLE GUIDE is an instant-download 109-page interactive digital eBook/PDF containing approximately 2,000 tangles on the site from May 2010 through December 31, 2023. It's a great resource and a must-have digital tool for using the site. Visit the STORE > E-BOOKS page and help keep going by getting your copy now!

"Linda, Thank you! I was relying on too few and getting stuck after 3 years of daily working with Zentangle. This has inspired me to ‘begin again’ with renewed excitement." ~ Barbara R.

See the BOOK REVIEWS page for more details on its features and view a sample page. Note: this is a digital product you download immediately when you place your order, nothing will be physically mailed to you.
GIFT ORDERS FOR ANOTHER PERSON: To give the TANGLE GUIDE as a gift, visit this page to place your gift order.
If you're new to Zentangle® and tangling, my BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO ZENTANGLE is just what you need to get started. Also available en Français and en Español.

Zentangle Primer Volume 1 This is the only Zentangle book you'll ever need: the fabulous Zentangle PRIMER Vol 1. It's your CZT-in-a-book by the founders of Zentangle®. Visit the STORE tab on the top menu bar or click on the image. For more about the content and to read the rave reviews, visit the BOOK REVIEWS tab.
NEW! Now available in KINDLE format for $9.99. Spanish Edition here. Japanese Edition here.
"Absolutely the best Zentangle Book yet! As an accomplished artist I used to think I did not need instruction on this art form. How wrong I was! My tangling improved by leaps and bounds after reading this book. If you think you have Zentangle down then you need this book more than ever!" ~ Kris H


63 comments to Downloads

  • Deb

    I definitely love the grid lines. This really helps keep the instructions in perspective and easy to follow, especially for those patterns with multiple steps and with curves.
    Both sizes are great. I was thinking of color coding with either colored masking tape or those colored office dots on an edge.

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks, Deb. I’m thinking about making 5″ x 7″ templates too because those could be punched and organized in the smaller-size 3 ring binders.

  • Debby

    Thank you for doing this! I love the 1/2 page size with the grids, would it be possible to do that 2 to an 8.5 x 11 page? I haven’t figured out how to print it twice on a sheet so I can then cut them.

  • Debby

    Thank you Linda! That makes it so much easier!

  • I’d love to donate to Tanglepatterns, but can’t figure out how to do it through PayPal. When I click on your PayPal button it takes me to PayPal, but doesn’t give me info to donate. Can you help me?

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks for this heads up, Cindi. Apparently I didn’t have the button set up correctly (duh) so I really appreciate you asking me about it! I think it works correctly now.

      BTW – In order to keep the tax folks happy that I’m reporting all my income, all donations are credited to my business account. So that’s why the button takes you to a page labeled “Concept Communiques, Inc.”. It’s still TanglePatterns!

  • Melissa (Lone Creature)

    Thanks for these downloads, Linda. I was going to do some templates but I worry now 🙂 Great site! I’ll put the link to this page on my blog.

  • Dorothy Roller

    Thank you Linda for the templates. I am trying my hand at making up tangles and didn’t have a form or template to do them on. I just uploaded my first tangle on flicker on the tangle pattern group and I had to do it just on a sketch paper for now. It works but your templates in different sizes will help and I do want to do the ones on this site and the tangle site onto cards for my own use so I don’t have to keep looking them up.
    So thanks alot for doing this. And thanks for this great site too.

  • Hi I am very new to this but love the beautiful photos that are posted. I was refered to doing tangles by a friend Linda. I have had allot of not good things happening in the last year and she said this helped her immensley…so here I am. I am looking for the beginners avenue and would love to have some input. Thanks in advance

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Sharon, and welcome. I’m so glad your friend introduced you to Zentangle® and to – there are many members who have found this wonderful art form has helped them through some very tough times. I’m sure you will too.

      If you visit this page: What’s a Zentangle? – the basics of getting started are outlined there. You really only need a pen and some nice blank paper to get started.

      To help simplify things make yourself a 3.5-inch square tile template on an index card and cut it out. You can give it slightly rounded corners if you like. Then trace around your template onto some nice paper to create your “tile” and away you go. You can trace that shape into a notebook or journal too. Just make sure the paper is nice to write on with a pen – some paper is very rough or very thin and flimsy and will only frustrate you.

      As far as patterns go, I suggest choosing the official ones first – you can find all of those in the left sidebar in the “Find Patterns By Tag” section by clicking on the tag “zentangle”. These patterns form the core of Zentangle®, and it’s very good to learn those first. Plus they’re all beautiful and fun to draw. A good starting point is to Zentangle your name – or choose any inspirational word. That helps if deciding on a pattern is hard. I know I get overwhelmed with choices (and tend to make none as a result, but that’s another story), so this is a good way of narrowing down the field.

      If you feel you need ideas for drawing your string, visit the TIPS & TOOLS > STRING IDEAS, and STRING TEMPLATES pages on the top menu bar.

      And if you’d like to preserve your creations (as you no doubt will), getting the official kit is a good idea because it not only includes the pens and the official tiles which are lovely to draw on and frame or store in albums, it also includes a very good starter DVD and a companion booklet and both are very helpful.

      It’s also great to get any or all of the Zentangle books for reference because they are full of patterns that aren’t on this site (because they don’t have online instructions yet), plus there are all kinds of drawing tips and ideas for other Zentangle-inspired art (ZIA’s) that you will enjoy learning. And they are not expensive – you definitely get your $$$ worth from each and every one of them.

      Well this started out to be a short reply but it grew! Today’s post “Exploring TanglePatterns” also has a roundup of good places to visit on the site. I hope this answered your questions and that you enjoy being part of the TanglePatterns community. Please let me know how you are getting on, you can find my email address on the About page too.

      Hugs to you, Linda

  • Nark

    I have been searching – in vain – for the Zentangle – Tidings – it was listed on your page for original Zentangles – I had wanted to direct some “tanglers” to that particular Zentangel and now, I can not find it anywhere. Can you helop me out here”???
    Thank you,

  • Andrea

    Hi Linda!
    Let me start by Thanking you for a wonderful website! So much info that you have rounded up and banked for us all here in one place…with lots of great links to boot! I love the templates that you have created for us as downloads..! I just5 read about a dot pad…rhodia dot pads. I was thinking that a grid with just dots or small hash marks would be great. Can you make your computer turn something like that out? Assunta from the original site was started on the hash mark type grid….any thoughts? Thanks again for all of the time that you spend keeping this site up.

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Andrea, thanks for taking time to comment, I really appreciate hearing from everyone.

      You can print dot paper, and a whole lot more types from this website: As I describe on the “Organize Your Patterns” page, I like the Moleskine squared grid page books – the paper is really nice to write on with the Microns and I do use both sides of the pages now. The books are a nice portable size to carry around. Sometimes if a pattern is particularly dark you will get a small amount of ink bleedthrough but it’s not enough to get worked up about. The disadvantage, if it can be called that, is that you can rearrange patterns on loose leaf paper which you can’t with a bound book.

      But there’s something to be said for having a nice mix of patterns that aren’t in a filing “system” – you get reminded of patterns you aren’t necessarily looking for. If that makes any sense. And that’s coming from someone obsessed with organization! Again, welcome and I look forward to your continuing participation. Happy tangling!

  • Andrea

    My Dearest Linda,
    Your link for the Dot Paper is exactly what I was looking for! Shout it from the rooftops…that is an amazing site!
    Thanks so much for all of the time that you put into making this site the BEST! I seem to spend a lot of time with you there…lol!
    Tangle till you drop…

  • Dorothy

    I took an introductory workshop at the seniors center this week and was amazed to see this. I sure am aware of patterns around me now. lol

    Trying to get started has been made a little easier by this site and wealth of information. Not sure I will ever be able to do some of these patterns but will have fun trying them. May never be bored again…


  • Nark

    Hi Linda – I actually do not go to your tangles site as often as I should, however, I would like to receive the PDF file for your Tangles that you recently mentioned on line. I was going to make a donation thru my PayPal account – I guess I need your acct number and info to do this – please advise thru email.
    Thank you,

  • Karen Rose

    Greetings! I’ve been pouring over your site for weeks now! I’m a new tangler and love all the suggestions. I’m a grid kind of person so have started a tangle journal.

    Thanks for taking the time to put together such an invaluable resource. Really. Just awesome. I can’t wait to get the PDF and the newsletter.

    My eye sight isn’t as good as some so I find I like to tangle with a larger tile and 03 pen. My local Office Max cut my Bristol marker paper (110#) into 4×4 squares. The cutting was very inexpensive. Now I feel like I have all the tools I need to begin in earnest.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to tangling with you all!


  • teri pastorino

    thanks for the great downloads

    i made a donation almost three weeks ago so i could get the tangle guide, but i have yet to hear or receive anything and the payment went through. can you please check!

    trying to be patient but really want the guide

    thanks linda

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Teri, I’m so glad you got in touch with me this way. The page you were returned to when you made your donation and the FAQ page on the site explain that Comcast and several other large service providers block large files and request a gmail address I can send the file to.

      The day you donated (4/7/12) I also sent you an email explaining that Comcast blocks large files and I need a gmail address from you. Since then I’ve sent THREE emails including replying to the emails you’ve sent directly to me. Obviously your Comcast account has blocked those too. Earlier this week, in desperation, I tried to contact you from my gmail account – apparently that didn’t get through either! Please email me a gmail address so you can get the file. Thanks!

      • Marlon

        Hi Ginny… Yes, Michael’s does carry some wood cutouts. Not a huge seeotciln, but enough to get you started. You can do white on black by painting the wood black, and using a white gel pen. Lots of possibilities!

  • Julie

    I’d love to download the templates, but have been unable on my Mac. When I click on the templates (any of them) to view I get this message:
    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    And when I try to download them the file (PDF) shows up as not containing any data.
    Do I need to find a PC to download these?
    Many thanks for your wonderful website! It’s a great resource and it’s obvious how much work you have put into it. Much appreciated!

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Julie, try right-clicking on the links. The files are all there and they aren’t specific to a PC, so it may be something with your browser and security settings that’s causing the problem?

  • Lou McCallister

    I have greatly enjoyed your site, am inspired and cannot wait to get my “hands” on the guide! Thank you for what you have done for us all!

  • rabia


  • Julie

    Linda- I tripped across you page thru Pinterest and I want to thank you for the wonderful patterns and the coloured instructions. It has help a great deal in filling the voids in my zentangle! Thanks again!

  • Crystal Shepard

    Thank you very much for a great website. I just got the 2012 Tangle guide and was wondering if the 2013 tangle guide will include the patterns from the 2012 guide, or if it will just have the patterns from the last year?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      For 2013, the TANGLE GUIDE will be completely revised and updated to include all the new tangles added to the site during 2012.

  • Hi, Linda. I just donated $ 15.00 to TanglePatterns.Com Tangle Guide for 2013. This is really cool what you’re doing.

    Hope you and everybody else had a nice Christmas and Holiday and hope everybody have a Happy New Year.

  • Linda M

    Am a beginner and am interested in getting patterns.

  • Sally R

    Thank you so much for the lovely 2-up half page forms. I love them. I’m a bit of an organizational nut case, maybe a little OCD. All those practice Tangles and Zentangles piling up all over the place (altho carefully alphabetized!) were starting to bother me. So I’ve gone out and bought two new notebooks, one for official Tangles and the other for Others.
    Problem solved.

  • Carol Ryan

    Just wondering (I’m an absolute newbie) if I could use Bristol board (shiny side) to do a large Zentangle

  • Andrea Dunnavant

    I want to thank you for all that you do… I recently discovered Zentangle, through Pinterest. I’ve always be a bit of a doodler of sorts, and quickly discovered the therapeutic qualities of Zentangle. It is quite amazing. My husband is so sweet; I expressed my desire to get some micron pens and a great drawing pad, as closely similar to the one you describe (lush grain & all) and he came home with just that! I will eventually save enough for the actual kit that you offer on the site, as I understand the importance of embracing the fine materials used to create structured beauty. It can’t happen right now, but when it does, watch out! 🙂
    Again, thank you for pouring yourselves into this site, it is graciously appreciated.

    All of my gratitude,

  • Joan

    Hi Linda. Your site rocks! I, too, like to organize, want to set up a three ring binder using your A4 template and alpha tabs. My question is about the appropriate paper to use for copying or printing the template. Regular office weight obviously won’t stand up to ink. Any suggestions?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Joan, thank you so much for your compliment! I do use good quality office copier or printer paper for the steps templates, just make sure it isn’t ink-jet paper as I found that bleeds like crazy. Obviously for a Zentangle I use the real tiles, there’s nothing like them.

  • Vickilynne Westcott

    Another thought on the paper issue – try using 26 or 28 lb paper, bright white for a laser printer (even if your’s is ink jet). It’s a good stock weight and works well for saving to a binder. (I know…got a zillion print-outs working like that.)

  • stellamaris


  • Claudia

    Hi there Linda.

    I am fairly new to doing Zentangles and really would like to organize my tangle patterns with your system. Sadly two of the German meassured templates aren’t online anymore.

    Those are the patterns that aren’t awailable anymore:
    Blank Tangle Pattern Templates
    2.A4 page – for those who like to organize in 3-ring binders. This page is similar to the card and also has the 9 cm x 9 cm tile outline to use the pattern along with some others in a Zentangle®.
    3.A5 – for smaller 3-ring binders. Same as #2 but A5 (half A4) page size.

    May I ask for a re-up or maybe a place where I can find them still? This would be very nice of you.

    Greetings from Germany

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Claudia, the links and the files are still available so I’m not sure what happened. However I’m emailing you the two files you asked about. Cheers and happy tangling!

      • Claudia

        Hi Linda.

        This is curious. I tried to download the two pdf-files a few times today, but never got lucky. Now they work just fine.

        Anyway, thank you so much for coming back to me so fast and the templates.

        I love your website and what you’ve done so far. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  • Suzanne Moshier

    I absolutely love this site! So many resources it’s amazing. Thanks for all you do for the tangling world!

  • Courtney Banks

    This is so interesting.. I can’t wait to learn.

  • Yvonne

    Linda, you have the best website. Your dedication to organization and generosity of knowledge and wanting others to succeed is apparent. Thank you. Yvonne

  • Chloe Wan

    Your page is the best of the best. When I don’t know how to draw some patterns, this website can help.
    thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Sheree

    This website is the best. Many thanks for the templates – what a great and generous idea.

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Sheree, and Welcome! I’m delighted you are enjoying the site and glad you found the templates, I think you’ll find they’re very useful. Cheers and happy tangling!

  • Patty Lewer

    This is a beautiful site. I love it!

  • Deborah clough

    Thankyou for letting me subscribe. I am new to Zentangle can nt believe all the patterns there are.

  • Kathy Powers

    Thank you for your Zentangle instruction. I have to go to many meetings, and tangling keeps relaxed and entertained. This tangling trick has changed my public image! People take me more seriously now that I’m not squirming around and interrupting.


    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Thank Kathy, and welcome to our Zentangle community! Yours is yet another endorsement for all of the many excellent benefits of this wonderful art form.

  • Diane Ryan, CZT 2

    Why do your templets show grid lines when the requirements say not to use them?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Diane, that is explained on the page above and both blank and grid templates are provided. This was written when I first started the site in 2010 and had ZERO experience drawing an-y-thing. As a novice I found the grid lines useful to help me, particularly with proportion. At that stage I didn’t even understand how to visualize dividing space into halves and so on. And I’m sure I wasn’t alone. But it didn’t take long to take the training wheels off and have confidence with the manageable small blank space that is Zentangle and graduating to the blank templates.

  • LaJuania

    Looking forward to the 2020 edition of your Tangle Guide!

  • insta

    I love the patterns on this website!

  • Suzanne Favors

    I am so excited to be introduced to this new form of meditative art!

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Welcome Suzanne, great to have you with us. You’re just in time to join Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary celebrations!! You can read more about that on the page dedicated to the celebrations by visiting the links at the top of any page: ZENTANGLES > ZENTANGLE’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT, A Chronology.

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