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TanglePatterns celebrates its 11th Tangleversary today! celebrates its 11th Tangleversary, May 4, 2021Today, tucked in between May Day and Cinco de Mayo celebrations, celebrates ELEVEN wonderful years of sharing Zentangle® learning, creativity, fun and inspiration with you.

Eleven years ago today, on May 4th, 2010, I began this website with the post “Hello Zentangle® Zealots!” Little did I know what wonderful creative places this would take us all.

And here we are together over a decade later and still going strong.

In this time — 575 weeks! — we’ve enjoyed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of great tangles, dozens and dozens of wonderful tutorials, tons of creative inspiration, the world of tanglers sharing their expertise and experience and their heartfelt stories. Friendships have been made around the globe. What an amazing community!

Thanks so much to each and every one of you who help keep TanglePatterns going. Thanks too for your treasured notes, cards, letters, emails, and kind words of encouragement. I couldn’t have continued doing this for so long this without your love and support.

A world of thanks to Rick and Maria for the beautiful gift of Zentangle. And bountiful gratitude to all the wonderful members of the Zentangle community around the globe for sharing their tangles and creativity with us all.

Many thanks for allowing me the honor and the pleasure of keeping your Zentangle passion fueled with

I look forward with excitement to our continuing adventure — and May the 4th be with you!  🙂 celebrates its 11th Tangleversary, May 4, 2021

Digital cake’s on me!


45 comments to TanglePatterns celebrates its 11th Tangleversary today!

  • Valerie Barsevich

    Congratulations and thank you for providing this wonderful resource!?????

  • Donna L Allen

    Thanks for the Calorie-free cake! Happy anniversary.

  • Vera

    Thank you Linda, if it were not for your dedication, the emails of new tangles, and Friday’ roundup, i would not know all the possible creative tangles to learn, and the artist that create them, ilike your commentary on each of the new tangles. So heres to your successful 11th year of TanglePatterns, and i get so much joy and inspiration the least i can do is support. Happy Day.

  • Ruth Dailey

    Again, Congratulations….have been with you since the beginning and am so proud of how you’ve been able to keep this going all these years. Sad that Milliande’s ning group, started at about the same time didn’t make the transition to FB. Wishing continued success.

  • Happy Star Wars Day, and thank you for this wonderful resource!

  • Cathy

    Thank you for all that you do for this community. You are the boss.

  • Terri Young, CZT16

    Happy anniversary! I’d be lost without you!

  • Lin H.

    Congratulations on 11 years of, Linda! It’s an amazing service and resource that you continue to provide to the tangling community. Thanks so much!

  • Linda M Friedly

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks so much for your diligent efforts over the last 11 years! Without your hard work, there would be something missing.

    All the best for the next 11 years!!!

    Linda Friedly

  • Donna Mahoney

    Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and the hours of enjoyment you’ve provided!! Happy anniversary an this doubly happy day, as I just spied my first hummingbird of the season up here in Woodbridge, Ontario.
    Many cheers,
    Dr Donna

  • Linda M Dochter

    Friends –

    I believe Tangle Patterns is truly one of the gems of our Zentangle World. May I suggest you show your support of Linda’s wonderful resource by purchasing a copy of her 2021 Tangle Guide. I buy a copy every year and consider it well worth the price.

    Happy Birthday, Tangle Patterns.

    Linda Dochter

    Linda Dochter, CZT

  • Sherri Lee, CZT 7

    It’s been a zentastic eleven years! Hope we’re still tangling in eleven more. Congratulations!
    Really appreciate all your hard work.

  • Susan Kelley Pundt

    Thank you, too, Linda, for your continuing efforts to bring us fun and delight. Your hard work has improved tangling and the Zentangle community immeasurably!

  • Doreen McComb

    Congratulations Linda On your 11th Anniversary. A dream that became a reality.
    What a wonderful Tangle Community you have inspired, with your dedication to Tangle Patterns .
    So very proud of you.
    Love you
    Mom xo

  • Lori Ellis

    Congrats ??

  • Rita Miller

    Hey Linda! A VERY Happy Anniversary to you and Tangle Patterns! Wow…. it seems like the time has flown by. I personally discovered you and the website back in ’16 when I first took up my Zentangle practice. I wasn’t then able to wrap my head around all of the tangles that you had on the site, but my, oh my…. how far we’ve come since then!

    Thank you SO very much for everything you do and how well you take care of us all! You are so very deeply appreciated and I am blessed to contribute each month to keeping you up and running.

    Rita Miller, CZT #31

  • Tina McNurlen

    Thank YOU Linda for starting this site and keeping it up to date and answering all the questions … and, and, and! I appreciate you so much!

  • Maureen Ladouceur

    I am grateful for you and your incredible website. It is an absolute gift. You are simply fabulous for taking this on and doing such an amazing job. Long live!

  • Rita Muller

    Happy Tangleversary to you Linda! Thank you for all your hard work on this inspiration filled website. I’ve recently been getting the newsletter (duh on my part for not signing up sooner) and love it. I appreciate you and the tangle universe. May the 4th be with you also, lol.

  • SabrabStensiek

    I don’t say thank you nearly as often as I should have. The site and mailing are such a help to a beginner like me.
    So thank you and congratulations on your long living site. May it go on many more years.

  • WhooHOO!!Thank you Linda for all you do to keep this site going. I know it is a lot of work, so please know that your efforts are infinitely appreciated!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! xo

  • Barbara Burgess

    Congratulations on 11 years! I have found your site to be the go to site for finding all of the patterns. I give the site to my students and find it really helps all of us. I have purchased some of the booklets and love them all. Thanks for all you do!
    Barb B,

  • Tracy

    Merry Birthaversary!

  • I too appreciate your dedication and stick-to-it-ivness in keeping alive and well!! So MANY of us refer to this website daily to find ideas, inspiration and how-to’s. I really can’t imagine what the Zentangle Community would do without you!! Thank you very VERY much, Linda!

  • Jody Genovese

    A very happy Tangleversary Linda! Don’t know what we’d do without you and your site. A constant source of inspiration. Here’s to many more years of tangles. Thank you for all you do!

  • Bernice Rogers

    Thank you for sharing with us each week. It is very inspiring to me and I appreciate your efforts.

  • Ria Matheussen

    Congratulations and many thanks for all the information and new tangles you share with us, every week again and again… I wish you all the best and I am grateful for this wonderful source of information!!!

  • Ilomay Thomas

    I need you! I don’t think I would have stayed with this art process without this encyclopedia of information. Happy artiversary! Thank you.

  • Sara Brandli

    A thankyou seems so inadequate, but it comes with all the love and strength I can muster. Our journeys with Zentangle definitely would not have been as enjoyable without the love and fellowship that you have put into this site. Linda your a blessing sent to us, may you be healthy, happy and enjoy a bounty from life full of good one can wish for. My Zentangle journey was made possible by your wonderful site I have been so isolated here you blossomed my enthusiasm and I grew beyond my belief.

  • Happy Anniversary. Thanks for all you do Linda for the Zentangle world. This site is a true treasure trove of inspiration and education for all of us. To many more years of health and zenspiration for everyone.

  • Thank YOU so much Linda for keeping this very valuable resource going – and I’m sure it’s not all sun and roses! I’m very much looking forward to year 12. 😀

  • Gill Green

    Yours was the first site I discovered after randomly coming across Zentangle on something I read a few years ago, and since I am going to become a CZT in the upcoming seminar, you could say I’ve never looked back! Tanglepatters is an incredible resource, and I hope you are justly proud of all you’ve achieved. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, and here’s to many more years of tangling

  • Jenn Brayton CZT36

    Happy anniversary! 11 years is such an amazing accomplishment, and what a commitment to the Zentangle community! This site continues to inspire me and fuels my creativity and I am very grateful for all that you provide through this site, Linda! It also gives me such a sense of belonging every time I get notified of a new tangle made available, or comments being left on various postings on the site 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Happy Anniversary Linda and TP. Thank you so much for providing a truly invaluable tangle resource for so many years. I visit every week, sometimes every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Where would me and my tangling be without you?!

  • Jasmine Jehangir

    Happy Anniversary Linda for compiling this wonderful encyclopaedia of tangles. A place to enhance our journey into the world of Zentangle! What a great site! My deepest gratitude!

  • HeidiSue

    Happy 11th Anniversary! Your page is a wonderful resource and the Zentangle world would not be the same without your dedication and commitment to providing us new patterns every week.

    Thank you!

  • Sue Brubaker

    You have created and nurtured and organized beautifully such an amazing resource. Many many thanks.

  • nancy pearson

    Linda several years ago I was searching for tutorials on how to do fun lettering. Accidentally I came upon your website. I spent an hour roaming around trying to figure out what I had stumbled upon—these beautiful drawings and patterns with “stepouts” (whatever those were) I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and drew a few simple tangles. To my surprise these simple strokes—orbs, c shapes, s shapes straight lines, etc., turned into beautiful images.

    You have to understand that when I was in Jr High my art teacher made fun of my art in front of the whole class. So, all these many years I was convinced I had no artistic ability at all. But, thank you to you and your website I have found countless hours of joy and satisfaction with the knowledge that I CAN draw! I would love to show my teacher just a few of my tiles today!

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary. I know you devote many hours in keeping tanglepatterns up and running but we truly appreciate it.

  • Rosemary Turpin

    I just LOVE Tanglepatterns and I`ve been following you regularly since June 2015. Thank you for all the hard (but interesting, I`m sure!) work that you do to keep it running! I know it must be especially hard when your eyes are not up to par yet – if I remember correctly, it takes about a month with all those eyedrops to put in, and I hope yours get you back to better-than-normal (because of the surgery) very soon! My eyes are playing some tricks on me right now, so I really sympathize. Please keep up the valiant work though – we love you and the work you do for us!

  • Marion in the UK

    Belated HAPPY ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY greetings Linda. I am a newcomer today and count myself very, very lucky to have “discovered” your wonderful pages. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement and sincere thanks to you for sharing and inspiring so many worldwide.

  • Hi Linda and Happy Anniversary! And thank you for your incalculable contribution to the world of Zentangle.

  • Brenda Urbanik

    Happy 11th Anniversary Linda! Thank you so very much for all the work you put into this site so that we can have this resource at our finger tips. You are truly appreciated!

  • Diane Schmitt

    Happy 11th Anniversary Linda! Thank you for all you do to keep this wonderful resource available.

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