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How to draw WIGWAG

Zentangle pattern: Wigwag. Image © Linda Farmer and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. The unauthorized pinning, reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.The 2018 hurricane season is not over yet and right now Hurricane Michael is bearing down on Florida’s Panhandle as a possible Category 4 storm.

For the last day or so here on the east coast in South Florida we’ve been getting blustery winds and occasional squalls from the outer reaches of the storm. And Hurricane Michael is not even close to us.

The Weather Channel notes that “Hurricane Michael could develop into a potentially catastrophic event for the northeastern Gulf Coast … Hurricane Michael may be Florida Panhandle’s strongest landfall in 13 years with life-threatening storm surge, damaging winds, flooding rain.”

Prayers, lots and lots of prayers!

In another kind of wave (and I did NOT plan this!)  … NY state CZT Jody Genovese shares her curvy Wigwag tangle with us today, it’s her sixth on the site and each one is different and unusual.

Recently I’ve received at least 3 submissions based on this same wave motif. Curious how sometimes they come in batches {waves} of similar ideas.

My version of Wigwag is very simple and I’m leaving it to Jody to show you the interesting ways you can explore it.

Jody writes,

I was working on a Mixed Media drawing lesson and as part of that … this sort of just came out of it.

I was looking for a name that was ‘wave like’ without being completely obvious so I googled synonyms for waves.

There are a lot of them if you are willing to forego the ocean kind. I came across wigwag, which gave me a chuckle.

By definition an informal verb meaning to move to and fro or signal by waving an arm, flag, light or object.

There were a few examples including something about a dog wigwagging his way up the porch steps and something else that just sounded silly.

I found another definition based on the nautical theme that said the act or process of sending messages by the movement of two flags or the like waved according to a code.

It felt like it was in the same ballpark so wigwag it is.

So many words for the same thing…

Jody illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing Wigwag below and demonstrates how versatile Wigwag is in her illustration. She includes a Zentangle tile with Wigwag as an all-over fill tangle, on two Bijou tiles as a ribbon-style tangle (used as a frame or a border), and on a Zenbutton-like Zendala with varying scale and fills/shading. Additional tangles include the Zentangle-originals Knightsbridge, Tipple and Twile/Stoic.

How to draw the Zentangle pattern Wigwag, tangle and deconstruction by Jody Genovese. Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please feel free to refer to the steps images to recreate this tangle in your personal Zentangles and ZIAs, or to link back to this page. However the artist and reserve all rights to these images and they must not be publicly pinned, altered, reproduced or republished. They are for your personal offline reference only. Thank you for respecting these rights. For more information, click on the image for the article “Copyrights and your blog.”

Here is Jody’s Step 3 enlarged so you can see how the inner aura strokes nest together:

As you enjoy any of the tangles on the site, please leave a comment of thanks and encouragement to show the artists you appreciate them for sharing their creativity to inspire yours. Your thanks helps motivate them to continue to share!

Check out the tag jodyg for more of Jody’s tangles on


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15 comments to How to draw WIGWAG

  • Jutta Gladnigg

    Cool again, Jody!!! Love that 3D-effect in those waves. Looking forward to trying it out on a tile in my seaside holidays to come soon. Congratulations and thanks for another great pattern!

  • Beth S

    Thanks for sharing Jody! This make an awesome border/frame! Looking forward to using it frequently.

  • TomàsPadrós

    Very nice pattern, Jody. Congratulations.

  • Mary D'Angelo

    Wigwag is an excitingly versatile pattern! It’s easy to remember the name and your beautiful illustrations are unforgettable. Mary

  • Lesley Goldberg

    I really like this new tangle Jody. Congratulations on #6!

  • Sue Zanker

    Here in Australia we woke to TV showing horrific picture of Hurricane Michael. The world of Tanglers are with you in thought and prayers that you are fine and that your home is fine. Some of us also live in Cyclone (Hurricane) areas and know what you are going through. We all wish you well and safe……take care,
    Love and thoughts,
    Sue Zanker

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Thanks SO much for your love and thoughts, Sue. Personally, Robert and I are not in the part of the state where the storm hit at all, phew!!

      At this stage it appears Hurricane Michael came ashore in a less populated area than where it appeared to be headed, so in that sense it was fortunate – but I’m sure the people who do live where it landed don’t feel so lucky. This is an unprecedented storm and there ARE many affected, thankfully not as awful as it might have been. Lots of power outages, damaged or missing roofs, many many MANY trees down blocking roads and highways – it will take a long time to clean up this mess. And the storm is still a strong one traveling through Georgia overnight, so fingers crossed for all those folks. It’s been a pretty mind-bending experience watching the strength of this one. The awesome power of nature …

  • Debbie Raaen

    Love the dimensional look of this one Jody. Well done!

  • A very pretty new one, thank you very much!

  • Maxine

    So easy and graceful thank you jody for posting this lovely tangle.

  • Melena

    I really like this tangle Jody! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do wave patterns, and here it is. Yay! I love the feel of Wigwag on the larger tile, one line on top of the other. I’m on it! Thanks for sharing it with us Jody!

  • What wavy fun Jody. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joan

    Simple and fun. Thank you for sharing. Joan

  • Jody,
    such a lovely wavy pattern you have created!
    Many congratulations from Cologne a little bit delayed.
    I wanted to tangle it before starting to work today…
    right now i gave it a try and i can not stop cause it is so much flow and fun in WigWag :-)!!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Jody and Linda.

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