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TanglePatterns needs your financial support to help it thrive

Help keep going and growingHello my tangling friends,

Each year at this time it’s necessary for me to ask every user of TanglePatterns for help to keep this unique Zentangle® resource going and growing.

It’s up to you. If you are relatively new to the site, you might not have given much thought to the enormous costs involved in keeping this very busy site running smoothly and securely. Or the tremendous amount of time and energy needed to run and maintain the site as well as provide fresh inspiration for you on a regular basis. Many tanglers assume TanglePatterns is funded by Zentangle but I am not financially supported by Zentangle in any way. TanglePatterns is just me, with your help.

There’s so much ‘free’ on the Internet that it is easy to forget that sometimes there is a hidden cost which we know nothing about, and also we are quite unaware of the amount of work it must take, to maintain such a site as this. So thank you very much for all your hard work!” ~ Shoshi

If you’ve never given to support TanglePatterns before, right now is the time for you to chip in. This annual November fundraising campaign helps pay the site’s many bills (dedicated server, software licenses and many service providers), and ensures I can keep great new content coming your way.

Keep up the good work. Really appreciated. Every time I see an email from you it makes me smile in anticipation of something wonderful and interesting and fun and often challenging too. THANK YOU.” ~ Sue

Every gift matters, no matter how big or small.

Linda, Your dedication to this website is a blessing to anyone who supports the arts. I can’t draw an accurate stick figure but I can tangle, thanks to your detailed, interesting, educational website. Your website not only teaches Zentangle, but history, geography, and anthropology. The worldwide audience of Zentangle has opened up the world to me. I look forward to being introduced to something new in every email you send. While I will offer my financial support, I can never truly repay you for all you have given me!” ~ ZaBeth

I humbly ask that if you benefit creatively from TanglePatterns, support my work and ensure the site continues to be available to the worldwide Zentangle community.

I don’t usually donate to such things, but this is such a wonderful resource and I use it so often I cannot, in good conscience, not.” ~ Suzanne

To the faithful fans who have supported the site in the past, thank you so much for caring about TanglePatterns and helping it grow.

To those who haven’t yet supported the site, thank you in advance for stepping up now and showing that you appreciate this Zentangle resource enough to “help keep the lights on” (~ LindyLu) for another year.

I love all the timeless advice, tips and patterns. A literal treasure trove of information found no where else I figure that if I bought a book for $25-30 it would be a minimal amount to what is found here. So people, step up and think of it as in investment in yourself as a artist and an artistic gesture to keep beautiful things coming for all of us. Thanks Linda for your time, energy, interest, and talented gifts.” ~ Lorraine

You do not have to open an account to use PayPal: after you click the button above and update your cart, scroll down the PayPal page and look for the “Don’t have a PayPal account” section. All credit and debit cards are accepted.

If you prefer to mail a contribution, the SUPPORT TANGLEPATTERNS page on the top menu bar has my mailing address. It also contains the PayPal button so you can support the site any time you can.

heartful-thanks2016With heartfelt gratitude and love and all good wishes,
Founder (and the only “staff”) of

FYI – The new 2017 Edition of my TANGLE GUIDE will be available in the Store by the second week of January, look for an announcement when it’s ready. Your Guide purchase is another great way to support the site and in return get a fabulous tool for tangle reference and for using the site.

8 comments to TanglePatterns needs your financial support to help it thrive

  • Noka Garrapy

    Linda ~

    Since I use your site many times each week, and find it incredibly useful, and easy to navigate, I shall continue making a monthly contribution. Thank you for all the skill, time, and effort you put into this resource.

  • Gloria King

    You do a great job Linda – thank you for everything that you do!

  • Maureen Ladouceur

    I love this site. It is an invaluable source of information and inspiration. So grateful!

  • Roseanne

    In gratitude, thank you for all you do and give to the Tangle community, Linda. We shouldn’t take you for granted!

  • Sue Zanker

    Sometime ago, I decided this site and Linda deserved my help as I use her site every day for one thing or another. I am an aged pensioner living on a government pension in Australia, so as a result I have to be somewhat frugal with my funds! However, I am SURE that like me, EVERYONE reading this CAN afford the cost of a cup of coffee once a month, YES?! I arranged with my bank to deduct an amount and send it to Linda every month, which keeps on giving, without me having to even remember once a year. Give up the cost of ONE CUP OF COFFEE A MONTH and if EVERYONE who uses this site did that, it will be wonderful and a great help I am sure, as there must be literally hundreds, maybe thousands of people worldwide who come to this site. Go on, arrange it now and DO SOME GIVING BACK to Linda and all she does for us all with

  • Rosemary Turpin

    Somebody last year suggested that, since Tangle Patterns is sort of a club where we can share patterns, ideas, photos, etc. maybe we could make a “club membership” type of donation and I thought that was a great idea. So I am sending my small annual donation today via PayPal! Thank you so much for all that you do on our behalf, Linda!

  • Susan Mann

    Hello Linda
    I use this site several times a week, consider it a spot of brightness in my day! I’m relatively new, and hope to contribute patterns of my own, soon. For now, a monetary contribution is certainly a fair trade! Thank you, Linda!

  • Rita

    Linda, I have made many purchases from your site and I use it as a reference tool at least DAILY. Your emails are one of the best parts of getting my mail….I squeal when I see I have something new from you! I can’t tell you how very much your are appreciated for so many things. Like others here, I am on a disability income so funds are quite limited, but I will be setting up a small monthly donation. That, coupled with my purchase, will make at least a very small ‘ding’ in operating costs.

    From the bottom of my heart, I give you my very deepest thanks for all you do. Zentangle and this site became a life-ring when I definitely needed one in my life. Many hugs and I can’t wait for the new guide to come out! There are SO many new tangles!

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