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Use this Random Tangle Selector with your TANGLE GUIDE to help you select tangles. See Pages 7 and 9 of the Guide for instructions. You can also use this to select random Strings: simply pop in any number in the range of 1 to 250.


ARCHIVES STRINGS GUIDE, Volume 2 (Strings 051-100) now available!

TanglePatterns STRINGS GUIDE, Volume 2 (051-100)First, on behalf of the entire Zentangle® community I want to thank those of you who support the site financially with your contributions and purchases of the eBooks from the TanglePatterns Store. Without your financial support the site could not continue to exist and grow and I along with the entire community am indebted to you.

If you use this Zentangle resource regularly I’m reasonably sure you find it a source of inspiration, helpful tips and tutorials and of course hundreds of wonderful tangles with new ones added each and every week. And now there are 100 Strings too. So if you have not yet done your part to financially support my work and the ongoing development of the site, please get your eBooks today.

It’s a win-win deal: you help the resource you use continue to grow AND you get something useful in return.

With all that said, I’m pleased to let you know that Volume 2 of the STRINGS GUIDE (Strings 051-100) is now available in the STORE. The new 24-page PDF eBook describes the importance of Strings in Zentangle® and compiles the second group of 50 strings (051-100) from the site’s resource.

The Strings are given in two formats to jump-start your Zentangle creativity: two pages contain “at-a-glance” size images of all 50 strings, followed by full-size traceable images. Additional String suggestions by several CZTs are also provided. ADDITIONAL BONUS! Volume 2 also contains blank String Organizers for you to collect and organize more strings.

Visit the STORE > EBOOKS page and scroll down to Item #6 to get your instant download for just $6.

As this new tangler from Germany emailed recently,

thank you so much for your brilliant website! I just came across Zentangle a few days ago and love it! I often come back to your webpage. I appreciate it very much, that you provide so much information and picture for free so I could just wander around. First I thought ‘why buy a book, if there is this huge resource on the web for free’ … but after a short consideration I saw the flaw in my thoughts :). It was just a small click away to buy at least your ebook to give (a little) back for your time and energy that you spend on the beauty of your homepage.” – Dr. Benjamin S.

A lot goes on behind the scenes that you probably aren’t aware of and not only does it take countless hours of time, it doesn’t come free. As I’ve written on the SUPPORT TANGLEPATTERNS page,

Your financial support will:

  • Help finance server costs — constantly upgraded to handle the escalating traffic TanglePatterns receives, now many thousands of page views every day.
  • Help finance ongoing site enhancements and software upgrades that keep the site running smoothly.
  • Help finance the content distribution subscription that makes the site quick and reliable for a great user experience.
  • Help finance the email newsletter subscription that brings the news and new tangles to your inbox. The FeedBlitz newsletter delivery system, is not free to me. It is a bill I pay each month to deliver your free daily emails.
  • Help me devote more time to keeping the site growing (and saving your time!).
  • Be most appreciated.

In short, your support helps keep the site freely available to all and ensures its sustainability. So, like I said above, your purchase of an eBook is a win-win deal.

Thank you for your time, and happy tangling!


6 comments to STRINGS GUIDE, Volume 2 (Strings 051-100) now available!

  • Les

    Hi Linda 🙂
    I’m so delighted you’ve published a 2nd Tangle String Book – a JOY !:-). I’ll be checking in, and buying this new Tangle String edition of yours, to add to your other Tangle books, I have so far.
    My many thanks for your constant&continuing daily endeavours,
    kindest regards,
    Les:) XXX

  • Hi. I am not sure how do I go about “claiming” a pattern as my own and sharing it with you.


    just finished downloading and printing book #2 New to tangling and struggling to learn. Need help finding a teacher in my area so your books help me to feel my way to learning

  • Heather Williams

    Hi! What is a tangle pattern badge?

    • Linda Farmer, CZT

      Hi Heather, a badge is a way for others with a blog or website to add an image (the badge) linking back to TanglePatterns to share with their readers. The badges can be found in the right hand column (sidebar) at the bottom of any page and the code is provided to add it to any blog or website. It helps others share the Zentangle® and TanglePatterns love!

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