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Your feedback on the TANGLE GUIDE

Let's discuss it!The TANGLE GUIDE is going out in the email today (1/12/12)!

I would love your feedback, so if you feel so inclined please leave a comment below.

BTW – If you haven’t received your guide yet, I am getting a few error messages that the email can’t be delivered because the user’s email box is full. addresses are a total failure, including my own EMPTY account. Tomorrow I will be emailing those affected to get an alternate email address so I can get you the Guide.

TIP: Google mail accounts have very large inboxes and storage space if you need to set up an alternate email.

Thanks everyone!

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UPDATE: I’m receiving inquiries from email/newsletter subscribers saying they haven’t received the Guide. Email subscriptions are free and do not financially support the site, please visit the SUPPORT TANGLEPATTERNS page to find out how to get a copy. Thanks!


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138 comments to Your feedback on the TANGLE GUIDE

  • David

    Linda, I just received my copy of the Guide — Bravo! What a beautiful job! I foresee having it by my side a lot. Thanks for all your hard work, on the guide as well as the website! Both great resources.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! LOVE it!!

  • Dianne F

    Have only had a quick look but it seems fantastic! What a lot of work you’ve done, – it’s greatly appreciated.
    Sydney Aus

  • cara letho

    Thank you Linda- amazing!!! I tried to put together a similar thing from your blog but gave up-it was too hard- so thank you

  • Sue

    love the guide, and look forward to having it for reference at times when I can’t get online.

    Only one issue — and wonder if I’m the only one. I usually use my iPad for everything, saved the file with no problem, opened it in GoodReader, no problem. But the file size totally locked up the mail system on the iPad when I tried to delete the email.

  • Your Tangle Guide is absolutely awesome! I’m going to get some better quality printing paper and bind it. I’m amazed that you didn’t publish this as a book. Your generosity astounds me!

  • Judi

    The guide is just wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I know I’ll be using it a lot.

  • Doreen McComb

    Congratulations Linda, I know the hours it took to put this wonderful reference together. Thank you for my Tangle Guide 2012 edition, a treasure, love Mom xo

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks for being my #1 supporter, reviewer and tester, Mom! And thanks to Robert for his eagle-eyed proofreading, he caught a lot of pretty goofy typos and he tested EVERY last link in the document to make sure it worked. Quite the team!

  • Susan

    This is wonderful! I have also saved it to my iPad so I can have it with me all the time! Thank you!!!

  • Corrin Pasquerella

    I am so excited, thank you so much, its just great!!!

  • Linda

    Hi Linda! I missed the original post about your Tangle Guide and wondered if it’s too late to send in a donation and receive a copy?

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Linda, no it’s not too late. Everyone who financially supports the site will receive the “ Tangle Guide, 2012 Edition” ebook (PDF). Visit the Donate page for details, aka “the rules”.

      Thanks for asking !

  • Analisa ocampoanal

    I just donated!!! I loves this site!!! An I want the guide!!!! I’m ready to tangle away

  • Christina

    Thank you so very much for putting out such a wonderfully useful and generous collection! I am grateful to have such a great reference to so many tangle patterns. Linda, you did a fantastic job with this reference book. I can’t wait to print it out, using the templates from your site on the backside of the PDF pages as per your suggestion for drawing instruction steps for various tangles. I have my 3-ring binder ready for it! Many, many thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to such an engaging art form that I have come to enjoy very much. This will be a perfect addition to all the Zentangle books I have purchased and use for reference and instruction on how to draw new patterns.

  • Rec’d mine today and it’s simply wonderful! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put into the pdf guide, along with this website. You’re the best! Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much for doing all the work involved in putting this together. I purchased several books that I constantly flip through while I am working. I will still use the books, of course, but this will be a great flip book while I am working. I can also practice all of the patterns that I’ve missed in my practice book.

  • Donna Pepper

    Linda, that is just amazing! What a lot of work and so very generous of you. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you very much. Your effort is much greater than my donation. It is amazing how many tangles came out in this one year since I discovered tangling; I remain a big fan of your site;
    sincere greetings

  • Diana

    I am so excited to receive all these beautiful patterns. I found your site by accident when looking for sites that might help me learn to draw. I am producing things that really surprise me with your zentangles. Thank you so much.

  • Lynn Spendley

    Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping up this wonderful site!

  • WOW, this is so perfect Linda!!!
    What a huge work you have done!

    I will continue to donate whenever I can for the great job you are doing.
    I always give out to everyone who get´s hooked on tangling.
    And I will also tell them to donate so they get this amazing Tangle Guide!!

    Thank you thank you thank you 😉 huge hug from Norway!

  • Thank you, Linda, for this beautiful and helpful zentangle reference book. This will be so helpful to me!
    I love your website here and recommend it to everyone I know.
    Thank you!

  • Just received you guide and it will be a great help while tangling. Thanks for all the work you do for us!

  • Barbara Tuley

    Linda you are the BEST! I LOVE my PDF file, OMG I am having a blast with it! My 12 year old son was looking at the file and fell in love with it too and is now tangling with me! He is pretty dern good too! Thanks a million times over!

  • Sue

    Thank you many times over. One of those thank yous is for making the boxes big enough that I don’t need to hunt for my glasses to see the intricacies of the patterns.

  • Joanne

    Thank you Linda for this wonderful Tangle Guide. I love it! You have put a lot of work into this project for us and it’s so very much appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  • Debbie

    Hi Linda, I’ve just recently discovered Zentangle. I purchased the kit before Xmas and it has already changed my life.

  • Suzi

    Linda–GREAT!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!!! Love it. I am going to put mine in the plastic sleeves and then put small “how to’s” on the back of the page and stick them all in a binder. That way when I forget (which is often lol) I can find what I need in 1 place.

    Thank you, thank you!!

  • Norma

    Just donated and can’t wait to get it!!

  • Phyl

    Linda, I can’t tell you how excited I am to receive the 2012 Tangle Guide. Thanks so very much for the time and effort you put into making this guide available to us. I know I don’t stand alone when I say that this guide will help us when we are looking for inspiration to complete a tangle. Best wishes for 2012. Thanks again!

  • Linda Mirth

    I think this is awesome that you would take the time to do this! Clearly monumental.

  • Denise

    Thank you so much for putting this together, it’s brilliant!!! We really appreciated all the time you put into it. I am excited to receive it and inspired to TANGLE right now!!
    Thank you, and all the best for 2012

  • Joyce Block

    Linda, I just took my copy of the guide to Office Max, had a spiral, clear cover and and a black back put on mine and I just love it. Thank you so much for doing this for us. It will be a a good aid for my own tangling.

  • chaun

    The only problem I’m having is that I can’t save the document to my computer. It says I need the document owner’s password in order to do that.
    I think I might even laminate the pages.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Chaun, I suggest trying a different PDF file reader such as PDF XChange Viewer (it’s free) – I find Adobe’s programs often cause problems they shouldn’t. It might also be your virus software.

  • Oh yay, now that it’s payday I just made a donation. I am super excited to get a peek! :o)

  • Brenda Czaya

    Positively WONDERfuL. Thank you so much, Linda, for all your time and effort. SO HAPPY to have this reference!

  • Oh Linda! I love my Tangle Guide! I’ve printed it out and I think I may bind it and put a clear plastic cover on it. The cover art is fabulous and I love the alphabetical order of patterns. Thank you a million times over! It was a thoughtful gift. I would donate to your site even without the bonus Guide, but it is definitely appreciated.

    I hope you New Year is full of smiles and sunshine. Thank you again.
    Janet Nordfors

  • Linda,
    I just received your Tangle Guide and it is INCREDIBLE. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did to put this together for your Zentangle Friends. I have tried to organize all the tangles from your website and never could get it together the way I wanted. You have done that for me and others, thank you. I plan to put the guide in a plastic booklet form to keep it orderly and well preserved. Your hard work is most appreciated.

  • Thank you so much. It’s wonderful. You did a great job, as usual. It’s taken a prominent place by the side of my chair.
    Thank you.

  • Marlene Hamel

    Your Tangle Guide is truly amazing….I have printed it out and plan on having it bound so I can keep it with my travel kit. Thank you so much for all your work….we are all very lucky that you do all of this and are willing to share with us. All the best in 2012.

  • Kathy Barringer

    The Tangle Guide is terrific! I printed out a copy to keep with my Zentangle books. I also have it on my Kindle Fire now which makes it really convenient. Thank you for putting this together. Great Job!!!

  • E J Brown

    I just want to ditto all the fabulous things that have been said about your site…’s the greatest!! $10 donation are you kidding me….that’s two cups of coffee and soooo worth all your efforts… go have a cup of coffee, relax….and get ready to run full speed ahead…..2012 is the year of the Dragon…..and it will be a wonderful year!!

  • Karen

    Hello Linda,
    First of all, thank you for all your hard work in putting the guide together for all of us. I really appreciate it!
    One problem I did have though is on each page there are anywhere from two to eight blank tiles. For instance, there is not a pattern for Amaze or Avreal on the “A” page. I downloaded as a zip files as well as directly to Adobe.
    Do you have any ideas on what may have happened?
    Thank you!

  • Linda,
    THANK YOU so very much for sending me the guide! It is amazing, and wonderful to have such an awesome resource! I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken to round up all those tangles and make them more accessible for us – THANK YOU for this fabulous and most-helpful resource. 🙂

    I am hoping to add some “ZenTangle-Inspired” work to some of my digital scrapbook kits. Have been wanting to incorporate some more “doodley” type items, and this is a great place to start! 🙂 (and I am having a lot of fun discovering ZenTangles, many thanks to your amazing site!)

  • Linda,
    I just don’t think I have the right words to express how grateful I am for all the work and long hours it must have taken you to put this incredible resource together for all of us. You are a special person and definitely an exemplary Zentangle citizen!
    You have spoiled us all – and we all love you for it! 🙂

  • Barbara Konopa

    Linda your Tangle Guide is awesome I tried to put something like it once and gave up. I love to Zentangle but most of the time my mind goes blank on me. Thank you. You rock!,,

  • I know I’ve already commented about getting my free pdf guide from you, but I have to let you know that it has encouraged me all the more to purchase the official Zentangle kit from your website. I started drawing tangle patterns from TanglePatterns in October and am totally addicted to this artistry! Can’t wait to get my tiles. Thanks again.

  • Annette McDaniel

    Ipad2 Ladies,

    How did you get the file to open? Mine keeps locking up when I try to open the file?
    I am so excited to see the guide…any ideas.


    • Susan

      I wrote a comment about putting the folder on your iPad. Use the Dropbox app. I saved to my desktop then to my Dropbox folder. I did not save it directly to the iPad.

    • Peggy

      I don’t have an iPad2, but I do have a touch screen with WiFi tablet/eReader and I had problems with it locking up my tablet as well so I deleted it and put it on an eReader without WiFi or touch screen and it is fine. Wonder if the touch screen or WiFi is related to the problem? It works fine on my PC too!

  • Gail Pickles

    Thank you soooo much Linda. I have tried to catalogue my tangles without too much success. This is fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity. Off to do some organised tangling now.

  • Mary Frances

    Thank you for this wonderful guide to Zentangles. I am a newbie to this art and surely will find that I use this guide a great deal.

  • Jeri

    my daughter bought an official zentangle kit – how do I get the tangle patterns. com tangle guide – I think purchasing a kit makes me eligible?

  • Susan

    iPad info…I saved the file to my desktop then saved it again to my Dropbox folder. That put it on my laptop and my iPad. If you are not familiar with Dropbox, check it out at or at the Apple app store. HTH

  • Peggy

    Linda, I got the guide the other day and it is FANTASTIC! Excellent job!! Thank you so much for your hard work and your willingness to share. I found some patterns I saw before and then forgot about and others I hadn’t seen before. This guide is going to make tangling even more fun than before!

  • Bosh

    love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much!!!

  • Stephanie B

    Thanks so much! This was truly a labor of love that you have done! It is much appreciated and if I could find a CZT locally I’d be taking a class so I could fill in those boxes! Maybe some day…

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the guide, Linda. I couldn’t receive it in my normal e-mail, so thanks to give me the hint to open a google-mail!

  • MaureenAstrid

    Hi Linda,
    Well, I don’t know what else to say, but: THANK YOU!!!! This is awesome and I will definitely use it a lot. My first ZIA creation will for sure be one using these tangles…
    warm regards,
    Maureen, from the Netherlands

  • Lynn Manning

    I’m a little late to this as I just gave a donation a day ago. I hope I can receive a copy of your guide! I have been using your site for some time, but have been lazy about showing my support in a monetary way.I hope that others (like me) are spurred to donate now too, in the hopes of getting your guide!

  • Nancy

    I am so happy to get my 2012 guide! I can hardly wait to use it with my Zentangle calendar that I just purchased as well! I love how it is organized, but I seem to be having some technical problems. Some of the tangles are missing i.e. Amaze, Avreal, Braze, Bumper, and 51 others, There is a blank white box where these tangles should be. None of the names are linked either, so nothing happens when I click on them. I opened it on both a Mac computer and an iPad, but both behave the same way. Your thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you for your work!

  • Julia Bruton-Sheppard

    I am a newcomer to Zentangle, however this wonderful medium has unearthed the artist in me that for years has tried to express itself. THANKS!

  • Carrie Wells

    I would LOVE to receive the guide, but haven’t. Would you please let me know what to do so that I may receive one? Thank you so much for your wonderful, fun site.

  • Diana

    Wow! Thank you so much for the Tangle Guide. I love having all the tangles in one reference. I can only imagine all the work you put into this neat collection of tangles. I have enjoyed getting your emails and your site for the past few months. Thank you for these also! Your hard work is very much appreciated!!

  • Carole Ohl

    This awesome tool is staying handy right on my desktop. Love all the links included. Thanks, Linda for all the work you put into this!

  • Thank you again, Linda. This set reminds me of the Tangle Refresher you post every other week. (Up to week 16 so far) and you have different tangle patterns not posted in the pdf you gave us.

  • Adelle

    WoooooHooooo! Foangler a new Tangler (me)…this is a wonderful guide!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Hope you feel better, too!!

  • Thank you Linda! The Tangle Guide is wonderful!I have been wishing for something just like it for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Cindy Straight

    Thank you Linda for the wonderful guide! It’s now a permanent addition to my Tangle collection.

  • Leigh W

    I set up a gmail acct. and have downloaded my new ZT Guide. Thanks so much!

  • Kathleen Poston

    Hi, Linda! You are doing a fabulous job here and it’s been a lot of fun!

    I’m still waiting to see my copy of the new E-guide though.

    Thanks for you time and attention. I’m looking forward to seeing great things this year!

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Kathleen, I emailed your Guide on 1/13/12 and did not get a bounceback error message – did you check your junk mail folder? If you still can’t find the file, then I recommend you open a Google mail account and email me with it so I can get another copy out to you. Thanks for the compliments 🙂
      Update: I just tried to send you an email with this information and your email address does not work – please send me a gmail address.

  • Merry Morrison

    I bought an Official Zentangle kit and did not receive an email with the Tangle Guide. I am really looking forward to this! Thanks!!

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Merry, the PDF has been emailed to everyone who has purchased the Official Kit from my TanglePatterns store. If you would like a copy of the TANGLE GUIDE, please visit the Donate page to find out how to get one. Thanks!

  • Linda, I absolutely LOVE the Tangle Patterns Guide. I was introduced to Zentangle by a friend who saw me drawing and said, “Wow, you would really love Zentangle.” He showed me his work, I googled Zentangle, found your site, along w/ Rick and Maria’s, ordered a kit and have been happily tangling ever since. All of this happened only 2 months ago, or so. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work in making this wonderfully relaxing and super fun art form accessible to so many in such an easy format. I love your site and e-letter updates. Thank you!!! Esther

  • Bobbie Lathrop

    I had bought a Zentangle Kit but haven’t received my Tangle Pattern Guide as of yet. It may have been purchased with either Roberta or Bobbie as the first name. I have recently had foot surgery with 4 very long weeks of no walking or weight bearing at all. This has been a wonderful chance for me to tangle. I enjoy the web-site so much and use it almost everyday. I really love the updates and new tangle patterns that have been coming out. I’ve had a few ideas myself. Thanks for being here for us all

  • Barbara Gray

    Dear Linda, I would like to donate $10.00 each in the name of my son and
    a friend.. I have your wonderful pattern book and want to share with them. Would this be OK with you. Barbara Gray

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks so much for asking, Barbara. That is just fine with me. So glad you like the Guide! If you’d like to send me their email addresses after you’ve donated (or you can put their emails in the Instructions To Seller area in PayPal), I can send them the PDF directly. Cheers!

  • Denise Oliver

    Hello Linda – just starting out and would love a copy of your guide. I have subscribed to your site, but have not received anything as yet. The link went through OK.

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you – your work is amazing!!


    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Denise, please see the FAQ page here. I don’t have a record of your PayPal transaction, so if you used another name/email address for your PayPal transaction, please email me with that information so I can track it down. Thanks!

  • Deeno Moss

    I purchased the Official Zentangle Kit from your website. I haven’t received an email or received the PDF file. Do I need to donate as well?

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Deeno, please see the FAQ page here. I don’t have a record of your PayPal transaction, so if you used another name/email address for your PayPal transaction, please email me with that information so I can track it down. Thanks!

  • Bobbie Lathrop

    Thanks for the site.

  • Denise Oliver

    Hi Linda – I hv made a $10 us donation thru PayPal so wait to receive – did my first zentangle and was happy with it – thank yu Denise

  • Sue.... from Townsville Australia

    I have only been ‘tangling’ now for just a few months, which I just LOVE and recently I’ve started using Zentangles in conjunction with Calligraphy (I have been a Calligrapher/lettering artist for over thirty years) and in particular with Versal letters on their own ’tile’
    Using Zentangles with a letter from our wonderful Alphabet is a wonderfully modern, 21st century way of decorating letters. I have always been a doodler, especially when on the phone, so tangling is right up my street! Now, I have started painting them with watercolours ! Gorgeous!! I have just donated to your wonderful site, so now I wait excitedly for your mammoth effort to arrive…. how organised you must be ! Thank you so much for all your work Linda, can hardly wait to receive it ! Sue

  • Linda, this labor of love is stupendous! You and your efforts are deeply, deeply appreciated!

    Mary Masi, CZT (Florida)

  • Liz

    Thanks, Linda! This is a great resource. I am also using the pattern templates to make my own tangle guide. It is a great way to learn the tangles. Thanks again for this wonderful resource and the great site. You really put your heart (and your mouse hand) into it!

  • Lynn VanOver

    Hi Linda and team, I am a fairly new subscriber to the website and e-mail mailing. I have enjoyed your website immensely and am eager to learn more tangles. I sent a donation on January 12 through Paypal. I have not yet received the TangleGuide. My Paypal e-mail and my personal e-mail are the same so there should be no problem to send the booklet. Thanks so much for your time and attention to detail.

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Lynn, I sent the TANGLE GUIDE to you on 1/13 but your email provider rejects my emails. I can’t even send a regular email to you. Please send me a gmail address that I can reach you at. Thanks.

  • Cristina A Ross

    Just a reminder to all the Tanglers out there: Every once in awhile, take a break and shake out your hands, stretch your fingers and wrists in order to avoid repetitive use injuries (not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome). I suffer from severe tendonitis in both wrists as well as trigger finger, and while unrelated to tangling, are exacerbated by prolonged drawing/tangling (and typing) and I’m only 50!.

  • Laura Clemens

    I am totally in love with the guide and do appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • marguerite1997

    Thank you so very much for all your time and energy compiling and putting together a fantastic Tangle reference book. I got a three ring binder, inserted the Title page on the front cover. Made a Tanglepatterns Guide book for the spine. For the TOC I used your alpha listing of the names. I then printed them out manual style on cardstock and inserted them into sheet protectors. It looks so professional. But the best is it is so totally organized! I have 3 very thick notebooks with other folk’s tangles. You have motivated me, to draw each one and organizing them into the same format. I’ve done similar notebooks, with my Celtic patterns, border patterns and online courses, etc,I have taken. You have made me so happy and it really made my day. Thank you very much.

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks, Marguerite! So glad you love my guide and nice to “see” you around here again, it’s been a little while. (PS – I think organizing is half the fun.)

  • Hi, Linda

    The more I view this Pdf, the more I love it. The beauty of this pdf is not dealing with the bulk or weight of hauling my collection of books of tangle pattern, (although I love my large collection), my bag can get pretty heavy carring a bunch of books or even a binder full of my tangle patterns.

  • Tania

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if somebody would be able to give me some direction in regards to saving the PDF. I read (on gmail help) that to save the doc from g-mail I should click ‘download’ at the bottom of the email & that this would ‘save’ it to my computer, (I have an Apple comp). I can then find & open the doc in Finder, but this will still not let me save, it keeps asking for the owner’s password. I must be missing a step or two! I was also hoping to save it to my kindle, but there again, it’s not something I have done before and I feel lost navigating all this technology.
    Any help would be Greatly Appreciated!


  • Deeno Moss

    When I originally bought the Official Zentangle Kit, at the beginning of last year, I used a credit card. I didn’t go through pay pal. I don’t have a pay pal account. I have since purchased three books and additional supplies. Can I still get a copy of the Tangle Guide. I get the email newsletters but haven’t gotten the Guide. Would love to have a copy. Thanks!

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Deeno, I didn’t start selling the Official Zentangle Kit until November so I’m guessing you purchased from another vendor. Please visit the Donate page if you would like a copy of my TANGLE GUIDE. Thanks!

  • carol

    Tania, regarding you Mac question, check your download manager. (it’s a little window that pops up listing all the things you’ve downloaded). In the download manager window, Double click on the document you want to open. Onced open you can save to Documents or wherever you want. If these instructions are too vague, just post another comment and I’ll try to be more specific (if that’s ok with Linda). Good luck.

    Linda, thanks for all you do. It is appreciated.

    • Tania

      Hi Carol, thanks for that info, I have just tried that but there’s still no happiness here on the Mac. I ended up doing it through the old laptop pc, it took a little while to get the old dinosaur up and running but I managed it in the end!! Who says newer technology is always better LOL! Thanks again, Tania.

  • Sydamty

    I have tried on a MAC at home and the PC at work and still do not get all of the images in the guide.

  • Miss Deb

    Linda…I so look forward to opening your emails everyday with new tangless! This is the best site ever!!! I just donated for the first time and believe it to be a great investment to help keep you and your site going. I am disabled and Tangling has been a joy for someone like me who is homebound. Thank You so much for all your hard work…it brings me such joy ;)!!! I can’t wait for the Tangle Guide. Much joy back at you…Debbie

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Debbie, thanks so much. As a friend of mine once said, “Whatever you wish for me, I wish for you DOUBLE!” 🙂 Hugs!

  • Melissa Meredith

    The guide is really excellent. I do have a question for some reason there are 50+ blank squares with names under them throughout the book. I am not sure what is going on.

  • Linda,
    Your site is the best. I had sent a “donation” last year and received your booklet via email. Tonight I just sent in my permanent ongoing subscription so when the 2013 edition comes out I will be ready to receive it.
    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • Hi, Linda. Just a small note reminding how awesome this Tangle Guide is. I brighten up each time I see a new email that a new tangle pattern was published. I’m also flattered that my tangle pattern “Florez” was included in the 2011 Tangle Guide. When I take my sketch book with me away from home, I grab the copy of my Tangle Pattern. Cuts down on the bulk to take with me.

  • Dorothy Roller

    Linda I can’t thank you enough for this guide. I use it every day because I can’t remember all the tangles but often I just look at the picture of the tangle and then I can draw it. Sometimes I do have to go back to this site to relearn the steps but this guide gets used every day.
    Thank you Linda again.

  • FourthBoomer

    WHAT!!! There’s a guide??????? I’ve been trying to make my own “Dictionary” since I ran across this wonderful site – that would be since Dec. or Jan. and I’m not but through the D’s! I’ll have to go donate and get the real deal. Thanks, Lisa

  • VM

    Can’t wait to get it 🙂 Just donated…will go off and be patient now o.O ha ha…

  • Carole (Charlotte)

    I am so excited to get this guide. I found it hard to go on line when I wanted to tangle. I have books and like the hard copies when I want to tangle. This is perfect! It also inspires me to make up my own designs.


  • Barbara Cohen

    I am taking a workshop on Zentangles next month….thought I’d browze around. 1. Is there a printed book I can purchase? 2. The site is wonderful however, COMPLETELY overwelming!!!

  • Muna

    Hello Linda,

    A thank you from me for the amazing work you do here on this site and a huge appreciation of the amount of dedication it requires!

  • Renee

    Beautiful, I would love to receive a copy!

  • I don’t comment often on this website, and I’m sorry about that…..I spend way too much time drawing, I guess. But I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work you do to keep it up to date, adding new tangles as they are published, etc., etc., etc., I’m also doing your strings, although I’m a little behind right now. I’m going to take the CZT training in September, and I wanted you to know you are one of the reasons I decided to spend all that money. I live on the west coast, so it’s costing a lot for me to go….but I’m convinced it’s worth it! I want to teach! I think I’m a born teacher and have taught other venues before, like rubber stamping, stampscapes landscapes, and quilting which are the main ones. Whenever you announce an update I will buy that too; and I’m making a contribution every year with or without an update. You rock, Girl!

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