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New Ultra Fine Sharpies in Limited Edition Set

Sharpie Limited Edition - 24 Ultra Fine Permanent Ink PensFor those of you who love to tangle in color, I discovered this set of new ultra-fine nib Sharpie Permanent Markers in 24 fabulous colors with permanent ink that I think you’ll like.

Advertised as “Rad 80’s colors”, as soon as I spied them I just had to get them! The pen cap colors are much more vibrant than this image shows. The color range is very good too.

The markers aren’t labeled with color names or numbers, so you’ll have to go with what I’m calling them for description purposes. Going around the color wheel, the set includes:

  • Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow
  • Light Orange, Cadmium Orange, Brown
  • Orange-Red, Red
  • Pink, Light Magenta, Magenta, Violet
  • Lavender, Indigo, Purple
  • Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Emerald Green, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow-Green
  • Gray, Black

Here’s what the manufacturer says about the markers:

The Sharpie Fine Point marker was the first pen-style permanent marker of its kind to write on almost any surface from your favorite pair of jeans to your brother’s skateboard and, of course, paper. Today, Sharpie markers are still made with the same permanent ink that you’ve come to rely on and trust but are now available in over 30 unforgettable colors and numerous different tip sizes, making Sharpie the ultimate instrument of personal expression. The durable tip of the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker produces thinner, precise lines and whether you’re using it to doodle on your notebook or decorate a pair of sneakers, you can be confident that the quick drying, non-toxic formula will deliver a superior marking experience every time.

I decided to make a sample of the markers on an official Zentangle® tile in roughly a color wheel to show you how they perform. Here I was playing with the markers while watching the Tour de France yesterday. (Robert and I are big fans and watch it every year – can’t beat traveling through France from your sofa for three weeks.) In my limited tests, I’d say they’re more equivalent to the Sakura Micron 05 than the 01, but they’re still perfect for having fun tangling in technicolor.

As you can see, the markers do spread a tad on this paper and the nib definitely isn’t as fine as the 01. I drew a version of Ahh and got a little carried away but I was having fun watching the ink dots spread (yes, I’m easily amused). There are a few Sakura Micron Ahh’s in there made with the 01 for you to compare.

Example of Sharpies on a Zentangle tile

Although the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers, 24-Pack lists at $28.99, Amazon is offering it at a fantastic $15.95.

Overall for Zentangle® I prefer the Microns but these markers are a lot of fun to experiment with. I’ve been exploring visual journaling lately and I know I’m going to love playing in my journals with these pens. I hope you love them too! Let me know what you think.


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27 comments to New Ultra Fine Sharpies in Limited Edition Set

  • C. L. Henson

    how cool is that? Thank you for sharing and for doing the “test”. The colors are truly “fab”!

  • Ethel

    Hi Linda,
    These markers look great. I have a question for you:
    Do they have the strong smell that is characteristic of Sharpies?

    • Linda Farmer

      I didn’t notice any and I’m pretty sensitive to smells. But my testing didn’t involve having the caps off for very long. Still, I think I would have noticed that typical Sharpie odor.

  • I have this set – I got it at AC Moore with a 50% off coupon. The colors are great! I have found that they do run uf you use them on fabric.

  • Kate Hill

    Now we can Tangle on things other than paper…. like ceramics and plastic! An entire world just opened up!

  • Carolynn T.

    I just got some of these the other day. I’m in love! They do bleed through thin paper a bit, but the colors are so fun and bold.

  • Sharyn

    Sharpie also has a fine point pen that comes in black and colors. I like it almost as much as the microns. It’s permanent ink but doesn’t bleed through paper. I use the Sharpie pen when practicing a new tangle and when making my instruction cards, and writing reminder notes to self or family. Found it at a national office supply store.

  • Suzanne B

    Those are nice – but I have to say I prefer the bic ultra fines and you can get a 36 pen set for the same price on amazon. Just an fyi for savy shoppers!

  • Marianne Schmitt

    And if you just can’t wait for Amazon to deliver….Wal-Mart has them too!!!

  • Moe

    I use a combination of the Microns and Fine Sharpies but prefer the Microns too. But this color pack sure is exciting!

  • WAL-MART has all of their school supplies on sale right now and they did have these Sharpies on sales, too. Plus, Hobby Lobby often has 40% off coupons that are great for bigger purchases like this! Great sample, Linda. I, too, was instantly drawn to the 80’s Glam colors!

  • Trish W.

    I’ve been using these ultra-fine Sharpies for at least a year, & they’re really great to work with: easy to control & the colors are *vivid.* Only two from the set I bought had any odor, which must be due to the pigment used to make them.

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this new set of colors — I’m headed to Amazon right now!

  • Tanja Saldana

    Funny you should mention these, I just returned from Sam’s Club an hour ago and they had both Bic and Sharpie sets for about $12.50 and change. Needless to say I bought a set of Sharpies as I have a set of Bic’s already at home from my last trip to Sam’s. I can’t resist a good set of pens, granted I go through about a set every year give or take a few months. I especially love the vibrant colors of the 80’s sets, just hope they keep them around a bit longer than their name implies.

  • Christina

    Microns are just too expensive for my 700+ art students so we always use the ultra thin Sharpies! They bleed a bit but are still plenty workable and my kids so love to use colors!

  • Marguerite Meara

    I got my set a couple of months ago at Sam’s for $10. They are a very good product. They seem to perform best on cardstock or smooth bristol board paper.

  • P. Holbrock


    Thanks for the tip on the colored sharpie markers. I have been working on some faux leather wallet purses with tangle designs. The sharpie marker is the only pen that won’t come off and the only way I was able to add any color was with trasparent dyes. Thanks to the Sharpie color pens it will be easier to put some spot color!


  • Sally

    I used the black ultra fine and extra fine (doesn’t seem to have any difference) with the third and fourth graders at school, when I taught them about Zentangle. They stand up a little better to kids’ use than the Microns and were less expensive, since we had to buy quite a large quantity. The kids would love the colors!
    Thanks! 🙂

  • teresa gilmer

    I have been looking for white pens to work on black cardstock and can’t seem to locate them? Does anyone have any sugestions as to a company that carries them? Or are people using white ink and a pen?

  • teresa gilmer

    Thanks a zenillion for the info! I will be ordering!!!

  • dianne

    i ordered wonderful white pens from a japanese company that distributes thru an online store in san francisco. the signa uniball UM-153 from uniball does not sell these pens themselves at all in the united states. (i emailed them). these have a very bold line.

  • Carolyn

    Love these pens!!!! I’ve gotten two of my granddaughters ‘tangling’ and I gave each a set and they are having fun as well!

  • Amy

    I wish I could get that Sharpie but the smell is annoying me since I am very sensitive to smells. Seem that it does not bother any of you? Also, question is sharpie marker acid-free do you know?

    I am try to explore different kind of pens that comes in colorful that does not smell like sharpie marker and Bic Markers if anyone know let me know thanks

  • Dorothy Roller

    I use the Sharpie Ulta Fine markers on my zentangles all the time and there is no odor with them. They are so untypical of the regular Sharpies. I have used them since I started doing Zentangles in 2009 and I have colored them from the beginning with Sharpies and when the Ultra fine ones came out I fell in love with them and use them still today.

  • Tracy McDinld

    Friend out right now picking out a micron .25mm for me to try. Been Tangling for 3 years now with Sharpies. Going to test difference of feel. Is it really enough to be worth the extra $$$.? We will know in an hour or so.

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