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Add Zentangle to Your Travel Journals

The scrapbookers among us will love this! And so will the rest of you. In this 8-minute video CZT® Suzanne McNeill shares the amazing travel journal she created on a recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Suzanne uses Zentangle drawings, pull-outs and pop-ups throughout the journal and shares some great ideas on incorporating items collected, sights seen, and a fantastic trip calendar into this beautiful memoir.

The video is also a very interesting travelogue. This is guaranteed to inspire you to travel with a sketchbook on your next trip. Enjoy!

Check out the tag: suzannem for Suzanne’s Zentangle® patterns and other videos on tanglepatterns.com.

Find The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook on Amazon

8 comments to Add Zentangle to Your Travel Journals

  • I really enjoyed this video of Suzanne’s Diary.i am going to get the book she recommends, as it looks great, and just what I might enjoy using on my next holiday.Thanks

    • Linda Farmer

      Glad you enjoyed the video, Judith. The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook is going to find its way into my library too.

      Brief commercial announcement: And it will be really swell if my gentle readers use my Amazon link to acquire it. Thanks, Linda

  • Linda, thank you so much for sharing the journal video with your readers. I love to travel and love recording my journeys in a sketchbook. I heartily recommend keeping a visual record of your travels, so much fun to look back on.

    • Linda Farmer

      My pleasure, Suzanne. I’m sure that beautiful visual record is a lot more satisfying to look at than a box full of unorganized photos and ephemera collected along the way. This really adds another dimension of enjoyment to travel. Thank you!

  • PAT

    I loved the video also! Very inspiring! I don’t have any trips planned for the near future, so am going to start one of my home town! Also ordered the book on Amazon. Thanks!

  • Moira

    That is amazing! How long were you away for? I find that intriguing that you could find the time to create such a comprehensive, full, colourful book with so much detail while obiously fitting in so many touristy things and visits and activities. I recently went away for just 3 days with family and only managed to doodle a few ideas on small pathetic pieces of paper in a hotel room late at night. There is no way I could have produced a beautiful work of art such as you did in Mexico. That must have taken HOURS. Gorgeous.

  • Lisa Riley

    I have got my tangling bag ready as in January I’m in hospital for a month so I’m hoping I will get time to do lots in my art book hope you all have had a great festive period and a great new year

  • Pia

    Second time around…the internet died on me while posting my thanks and gratitude so here I go again. Thanks a million Suzanne for this superbe idea and providing us with inspiration in many versatile ways. You rock girl!

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