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Appeal for tag assistance

Let's discuss it!Okay you guys. There are MANY of you who visit this site regularly (so Mr. Google tells me – but not who you are), and I need help. I request your assistance. I’ve started to tag a few of the more recent patterns I’ve posted, however …

It occurs to me that if you leave a comment on a pattern with the tag you’d like to see that particular pattern “filed” under, that would help me immensely in the project of classifying patterns into categories (aka tags).

That’s not to say that I will agree with you (this is my site after all) but I will endeavor to remain “unbiased” in your opinions!

Naturally we can’t have as many tags as we have patterns, that doesn’t help. But I will attempt to classify them in a general way that makes them easy to find as a group. As an example, I’ve started to use the tag “grid” so you can find patterns with that characteristic.

Pitch in! This is your resource too.

And many thanks.

* * *

UPDATE: This project has now been accomplished and the comments closed. Please see the left sidebar under the heading TANGLES BY TYPE.


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22 comments to Appeal for tag assistance

  • I’ll try to remember to let you know if I have any ideas for specific patterns. In general, based on the stats for my own blog, it looks like people zero in on the tags ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’. The third most popular tag is ‘swirly’, lol!

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks Sandra, that’s very helpful to know. I REALLY want to keep this simple, if at all possible!

  • I’ m just a beginner, need more time to practice. Love your patterns and walk through lessons.

  • How about earth, water, air, fire and spirit? Or, organic and inorganic. Actually, at this point I just look at the tags for specific designers or go to the alphabet selector – today is an “L” type of day. A couple weeks ago I did alphabet days – four letters per day in order. I love your website!! It is a constant source of inspiration and education for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Meredith

    I like the alphabetical order. I am also only beginning so I am happy with anything!
    Love the website. Thank you for all your work!

  • This idea of tags is excellent. Perhaps some of the tags could include:
    grids (as you mentioned)
    spiral (like
    linear (like XYP)
    3-d (like cubits)
    freeform (like Ahh)
    just to mention a few. I also like the alphbetical listing, as it is simple, but you do have to remember the name.

  • Jenn D

    I like easy & advanced, & alphabetical… Keep it simple.

  • Debbie Perdue

    Linda, I have my own catagories. Grids, Up & downs,anything circular is a medallion, fillers, boarders….. and that is all I have so far. I am a fairly newbie, a couple of months, and am completely obsessed! I am doing a 9×12 in 1-2 nights! I’m an addict! and oh how fun!

  • Eunice E

    I’m also pretty new, so I don’t have any organizing ideas yet in my head … but I like some of the ideas that Joni and others have mentioned. But keeping it simple and easy sounds like the way to go for me.

    The patterns your post are really exciting to me … I’m loving everything about Zentangles!

  • Elizabeth

    I agree with Meridith. I am fairly new and all your hard work is a blessing to us beginers.
    Thank You!

  • Lisa Hoesing

    I love your site. I love that it is alpabetical. I have my patterns listed alpabetical with secondary listing of tags like:

  • Linda Farmer

    Wow, this is great! Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. This helps me a lot.

    The alphabetical system will always be the main organizing structure for the website, so I’m glad to know that you all like that. Tags will add a way to find similar patterns. The tags simply get added to the “Find Patterns by Tag” section in the left sidebar.

    I have to say that after giving “easy” and “advanced” some thought, I’m not sure I want to plant the idea in anyone’s head that one pattern is more difficult than another. It kind of removes the challenge too. I haven’t totally dismissed it, I’m just not sitting on that side of the fence right now.

    Keep the suggestions coming… And thanks SO much for the comments of appreciation. Makes it all even more worthwhile!

  • Debby

    I like: Grid, Circular, geometric, organic, linear.

  • I like to classify them by design style.


    • Cookie

      I agree with Dianne with the ovals rectangular curly/curvy/way, etc., but I think the Grid, Circular, Geometric, Organic and linear makes since too.

  • Suzanne

    I think I’m on your side of the fence when it comes to tags of “easy” and “advanced”. I think you’re exactly correct about not wanting to plant those as ideas.

    When I first started I might have labeled some tangles as advanced but once you learn the strokes – not so much. Some are more time-consuming to draw but not sure that really qualifies as advanced?

    What’s easy for me might feel very complex or advanced for someone else and vice-versa. As an example I do my best work with straight lines and lots of detail, but ask me to do a curved line that I need to reproduce with some symmetry ACK!!! Whereas a friend of mine can whip out beautiful OPUS tangles with her eyes closed but shivers at straight lines.

    Lots of good suggestions so far – I probably favor ones that identify shapes and flow.

  • Linda Farmer

    Thanks for all the great input. I’ll be working on this over the next few weeks.

    I’ve also ALMOST got the slideshow ready – this is in response to those who asked for identification of the patterns that appear at the top of the site pages. It will show one pattern at a time with clickable images that go to the pattern page. Still have some programming left to do on it.

  • Kathy

    I like Grid, Circular, Geometric, Organic and linear, and alphabetical.. but are there no “G” patterns?

    • Linda Farmer

      Nope, no “G” patterns posted yet. I’ve got a couple waiting in the wings so stay tuned, we’ll get there!

  • Liz

    Hi Linda,
    Firstly, thank you for creating and maintaining this site, it is a wonderful resource for all tanglers.

    My suggestion although not specifically related to tags would be to have a”random Tangle” button somewhere on the page. I think this would be great tool for the site, similar to the rolling a dice method in the Zentangle kits. Sometimes picking a pattern can just be too hard 😛

    With regards to tags, I think the inital shape of the tangle, as mentioned above is a great differentiator, it makes it much easier to pick something to fit a specific space if you know generally what shapes you would like to have there such as a grid or circles etc. A further option for tags may also be something like
    “organic” – A pattern that grows from a starting point, eg kule
    “structured” something that is built to fit the space eg cadent
    “free flow” a general filler, no pattern required eg mist
    also I would love the tags “filler” and “edging?” not sure about the second, but something to differentiate from a big fill to an outlining tangle eg Chard vs Rain.


  • Susan

    I agree this site is GREAT!!! Thanks for your effort.

    Love the idea of a random tangle.

    I think having lots of tags is useful. It depends on what I’m looking for but I’d like lots of different ways to find the patterns that relate to each other. Tags are the perfect answer to this need.

    In addition to the shapes, etc mentioned above, I’d like to see something like quick/intricate. or simple/intricate. Also, tags to indicate density like light, medium, dark.

    Do you want us to make tag suggestions for specific patterns or are you will you put out a list you would like us to use?

    • Linda Farmer

      Thanks, Susan. Today I posted new images for the top of the pages that include tangle pattern names. It’s a start! I’m still going to add the slideshow feature that will show random images but I’m traveling right now and not making as much progress on that. (Or the tags for that matter.)

      As far as tag suggestions go, the original intent of my request was to have folks make suggestions on the individual pattern pages. I guess I wasn’t very clear about that!

      My personal preference is not to have a lot because that gets cumbersome too, and it’s mostly very subjective. What’s intricate to me won’t necessarily be the same for everyone else. Shapes seem like a great starting point. But if folks leave suggestions in the comments for each pattern, then that will also help out others as they learn each one.